Monday , June 21 2021

A couple bought a truck … and it turned it into a luxurious rolling house!

The couple bought the huge vehicle at a place of purchase and sale over the Internet and they themselves were those who transformed it radically. Look how it was!

4 months after buying an old truck, this is couple He could afford to see his great work performed. The amazing wit of this British couple, formed by Martin Hill and Iona Stewart, crossed the limits and demonstrated the wonders that can be done with little money and a great imagination.

When they saw that they could not buy a new home, in the style of American motorhome, it is couple He decided to create his own house, his dreams.

Spending less than 25,000 pounds (about 32,750 euros), the couple shaped this incredible rolling house. Based on an old DAF LF delivery truck that was from the Hovis transport company, the couple's design and its new motorized home.

Last May, the couple bought the old truck on eBay for 3,600 pounds (approximately 4,130 euros) and invested some 20,000 (almost € 23,000) in the transformation, which lasted for about 4 months.

Martin Hill, 38, made the hardest job while Iona Stewart, 27, focused on interior design and decoration.

The final result they achieved is incredible, especially if you take into account that it was carried out by the protagonists of this story.

The truck's cargo box became a comfortable and luxurious house, with living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There is almost nothing left, not even a wood stove.

With this vehicle, Martin and Iona can now enjoy the freedom they offer to travel in a moving house. Something that values ​​a lot considering its great hobby, snowboarding.

The couple It was known in the French Alps while practicing this winter sport. Without a doubt, the firewood stove will help them to warm themselves when they travel the world in search of the best mountains.

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