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A curious woman with gender violence: Calu River's new character will be on television


"My character is Luciana, a very human girl, curious, spontaneous, always at the service of others, delaying their desires. This brings you many complications throughout the story. Many women feel depicted, "he said. Calo Rivero about the role it plays Night bellsStars with new fiction Federico Amador and Esteban Lamothe.

It is a love story, consisting of 80 chapters on current issues, such as gender violence. As the actor explained, "Although life, shipment and how life is, women's inner strength is to open their way and find happiness ". And he pulled it awayWomen emphasize the importance of women's "role of opening roads and opening roads and their strengths".

(Calu Rivero anticipates how his character fiction "Bells in the night")

On the territory, Omar (Federico Amador) fled to Patagonia with his little daughter, after being accused directly of his wife's death. Nerea, Luciana (Calu Rivero), is a witness to escape. After ten years, the high school will end up at night school. She falls in love with her teacher, a young woman who has fled a few years ago. This meeting will restore the ghost of his past and endanger it.

but Luciana is not alone: ​​he is a couple and Vito (Esteban Lamothe) takes the same roof. The advent of Omar will wake up and the life of misfortune will not be able to fight.

It is no coincidence that Calu has chosen to participate in this production after becoming a pioneer in the fight against male violence. The actor becomes one of the main protagonists of the Telefé list, after seven years Sweet love on the same channel.

(Teleferen fiction trail will open on Monday 14)

The novel was released in 2012, it had a love story Juan Darthés. Despite the success of the production Quique EstevanezLeave a comment and leave the TV a bit. He lived abroad, worked as a model and DJ, filmed the movie The theses of a homicide. He made appearances in fiction My old friend, Fanny, fan and Sandro from America He also worked as an actor right, José María Muscari.

A few years later, his departure was told Sweet love He was in conflict relationship because he was castmate to her. For the first time, he was told publicly that the actor was being harassed. His words were strengthened as some of his colleagues Anita Coacci and Natalia JuncosThey also reported in the media. It was the most powerful testimony Thelma Fardin, Who had been raped by Darthés in an expedition for violence Ugly duck Nicaragua.

This statement was given in a collective conference Argentinian actresses, It is comprised of more than 500 artists from the country where they are present to exhibit different present-day women, such as workplace harassment, gender violence and women, among others. After this serious accusation, the old protagonist Simona In Brazil, in his hometown, he took along with his wife and children.

Main characters history

Luis Rolón / Omar: The man is simple, rural and charismatic, and his life has always changed when he fled with his baby at a young age and changed his personality after denouncing his wife's murder. Over the years, he works as a carpentry and makes his lodging with his daughter.

Vito Paternó: He is a very ambitious entrepreneur and has a smaller complex. He seems like a nice and protective man, but it is manipulative and violent, with a dark past. Luciana loves her and uses the construction of her family as a partner for her dirty business.

Luciana Cervantes: It's a young woman family welfare and conservative There is a constant conflict between the family mandate and the internal wishes. He was a photographer, but abandoned his vocation, so his mother could have a contractor to work for a family business. Vito lives with his partner, who is in his mother's business.

Win ratings battle

Teleferis prepares a Monday for the renewal and valuation of seasonal programming. On January 14, the new season will begin at 9:30. Minute to win. In the entertainment cycle by Marley, participants can make 1.5 billion dollars after making different tests.

After all success 100 days in love In 2018, Night bells They will be broadcast at 10:30 AM, with the recording companies Rivero, Amador and Lamothe, María Eugenia Tobal, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, Franco Masini, Patricia Viggiano, Adrián Navarro, Mimí Ardú, Martín Slipak, Laura Laprida, Eugenia Guerty, Dalma Maradona, Mariano Argento, Azul Fernández , Clara Alonso, Barbara Amaral, Nicolás García, Moro Anghileri, Germán de Silva, Romina Moretto and Héctor Bidonde.

But it will not be the only fiction of the channel, nor even the debut True secrets, A Brazilian novel tells the story of a young woman dreaming about being a model, but she goes into the world of prostitution. Production was successful in the surrounding country and won an Emmy Award.

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