Sunday , July 3 2022

A documentary about life and work of Gustavo Cerati is expected


National Geographic will spend Sunday, at 2:00 p.m., a special two-hour life and work Gustavo Cerati. Created by Underground, along with the creative direction of Sebastian Ortega, the series of documentary reality is "BIOS Life that marked you"A few weeks ago, Charly García released the signal.

This time it's a question Lead to the leading Stereo SodaThroughout his life, he collects testimonials from people who share the artist's archives and unpublished recordings through unreleased recordings.

(Part of the program to be watched on Sunday)

The channel has reported the documentary It seeks to rebuild the deviation points In the life of Cerati, through conversations with relatives, among others, Lilian Clark's mother, Laura sister and son Benito and Lisa.

On the other hand, Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti, Daniel Kon, Shakira, Anita Álvarez de Toledo, Adrián Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo García, among others, will be famous, specialists and accomplices.

(One of the videos by Gustavo Cerati's privacy)

Chilean singer Javiera MenaDriving will take care of the artistic stage and recovery of personal life, before and after Soda Stereo.

National Geographic synthesizes the unique moment unforgettable and unique, and "not published archives"From the time of the singer, thanks to the support of his family, production will offer an approach to learn more about the composer.

(Birth Lisa Cerati)

"For us, with his family, National Geographic pays homage to Gustavo's musician, and since Ortega is responsible for this production, he finds out that treatment will be at his time." he said Laura Cerati, Gustavo Sister, through a press release provided through the channel.

(Another part to be seen in the specials)

On the other hand, Fernando SemenzatoThe Latin American Geographic Partner, vice president of production, said: "Generation for generations and generations is an impressive legacy, superbly exalted by Gustavo Cerati, with compositions that exceed all kinds of limits."

(Lilian Clark talks about "Tea for three")

Meanwhile, Sebastián Ortega "Cerati is one of our greatest contemporary poetry musicians, with a great sensitivity and an artist with a unique inspiration, he has given us most of the Ibero-American songs of all time. For generations, the true pride of him is his honor."

(He sang in the official presentation of documentary Benito Cerati, family and friends documentary)

Presentation Cerati and the whole family Benito appeared Sing along with the solitary musical stages of the idol.

National Geographic will spend the life of the icon that will bring Latin American music on Sunday, November 25, at 9:00 p.m. (Argentina / Chile), 9:00 p.m. (Colombia / Mexico) and 20:00 p.m. (Peru).

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