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A documentary about singer R. Kelly, denouncing abuse and "sect sex"

R. KellyIt has been one of the most successful artists of all time, for many years, according to accusations Sexual treatment for minors and minorsMusicians and lawyers dismissed allegations.

But Illinois's petitioner's request for witnesses of victims and witnesses has given hope to R & B stars face new criminal rules.

"Please talk, there is nothing to investigate allegations without the help of victims and witnesses." Cook County Attorney General Kim Foxx said Tuesday at a press conference in Chicago. "We can not seek justice with you."

Nonetheless, legal experts and prosecutors say it is difficult to press charges. The accused and the witnesses should speak, and then the prosecutors would have difficulty obtaining confidence.

In recent days, Kelly has been pushing for more protests by outside entrepreneurs in his studio in Chicago The police demand that they denounce child abuse.

Last suspicions The days after the Lifetime channel were sent to the documentary "Survive R. Kelly"that's it Revive the old revision and bring some bright ones. The series follows a BBC, "R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes", sent last year. At the same time, the singer resisted the will of women and made a "sect sex".

"Everyone who says what I'm talking about to the brave man in a documentary, I did not find anything dangerous, I think women did not bother me to prevent serious childhood rape." Easy decision (…) ", John Legend's singer, who participates in the documentary.

Moving entrepreneurs #MeToo and has taken advantage of the renewed attention he calls #MuteRKelly for Streaming to stop Kelly's music and developers from hiring more concerts.

though decades of accusationsThe famous singer, songwriter and producer that emerged from the poverty of the South American Party in Chicago has succeeded.

Kelly was premiered on stage R & B in 1993 with her first solo album, "12 Play", such as "Bump N & # 39; Grind" and "Sexual Issues Like Your Body". A few months later, at the age of 27, Aaliyah, a R & B singer, sold sales of multiplatel at the age of 15, and died in 2001 in a Bahaman plane accident.

Kelly was the first producer and producer of the first record Aaliyah, "Age is nothing but a number", 1994. Kelly and Aaliyah never confirmed their marriageAlthough Vibe Magazine has published a copy of the alleged marriage authorization. The Chicago Sun-Times showed a subsequent resolution file Aaliyah His age was lying with the license. In May 1997, the singer filed a lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois to eliminate all marital records, according to court documents.

The judge later decided to stamp the marriage records. Kelly earned three Grammy Awards a year under the title "I Believe I Can Fly", which will take place in churches and graduation ceremonies. He has not only committed suicide, but also for other artists such as Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Among its contributors were Jay-Z and Usher.

But the allegations of sexual behavior continued by Kelly.

In February 2002, a 27-minute video appeared showing that Kelly was a little bit of sex. Child pornography and his career grew increasingly in jeopardy.

A year later, Kelly Florida was arrested for the authorities to find that the digital images of the singer were small, But these charges have been retrieved thanks to the conflicting search queries.

Kelly and Girl were excluded from the video, but the quality of the video was good, and a test was evidenced by many witnesses. Nine men and three women judged the jury seven hours after the singer was acquitted in 2008, with charges of holding a girl with sex, according to prosecutors at age 13.

After his acquittal, Kelly would leave the explicit musical that he would not leave.

"Absolutely not, and I say to all people all the time," Kelly said in 2012. "No doubt, R. Kelly has not gone anywhere, it's just a talented R. Kelly. So it's unique and I've been blessed with all sorts of music genres … this time I'm exploring my gift."

Kelly, 52, has had a great success, but she still has to meet the country's #MeToo movement pressure until it hurt her reputation and hiring her.

He has resolved at least three suits to recognize sexual relations between girls introduced between 1997 and 2002. An accuser said that Kelly had an abortion.

The accusers, All the black women said that Kelly was locked after a year and he used to sleep with them. Lifetime series interviewed women who had been physically abused, had to wear clothes or clothes and engraved on sexual activities. Some women said they ought to escape or have to be saved.

Critics suggest that Kelly's alleged abuse continues and the victim has been neglected in black women.

Kim Mehlman-Orozco, "The Hidden Clear Look: Writer of the New Millennium of the Americas", and the witnesses in the case of sexual trafficking said that the incident was accompanied by reports of "R. surviving" documentary stories. Named sex offender convicts.

"Sexual traffickers did not talk to each other about women and compare God with them," said Mehlman-Orozco.

Chicago's Kelly Lawyer, Steve Greenberg, in a telephone conversation said Lifetime documentary's accusations are fake.

Today, according to sex trafficking laws, conviction will be a challenge, as Kelly's defense argued that women were voluntarily joining and that Kelly did not use her exploitation, as Mehlman-Orozco said. The prosecutor seeks a convention on lower charges, such as putting an end to a child or losing money, allegedly facing some alleged sexual traffickers.

"But the witnesses must state themselves," said Mehlman-Orozco.

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