Monday , October 3 2022

A dollar rose to $ 38.71 due to external weather conditions


The card contributed with the wholesale segment, although the smaller day before the discounted (36 cents). That day, MULC only advanced five cents.

This Thursday, The currency cigar 25 was raised to $ 37.70 per day on volatility and changes in the tendencies caused by a bad external outside situation.

As usual, The Central Bank auctioned 7-day Liquidity Letters for 108,651 million dollars and the average rate was 50,009. and 59.728% of the maximum return and a minimum return of 57.947%.

The maximum values ​​were recorded at $ 38.13 per minute on the last Wednesday of 78 cents. In the middle of the day, the foreign currency supply began to grow mid-morning, causing a drop in prices and a $ 38 punch.

Sales orders increased in the last part of the session, when the exchange rates affected $ 37.55. In the end, fewer than a few minutes passed before recovering lightweight, but without being close at hand.

In this context, the volume was marketed up 7% to 620 million dollars.

"The local market, due to the rise in exchange rates, also contributed to a complex external scene. The good level showed in the bid did not make corrections to correct the dollar in a $ 38 defined floor and ended Friday after the end of the district, "said PR Corredores de Cambio.

"The need for a month's demand for weight gain has shown stimuli in the first fortnight of each month to correct fluctuations in the flow of direct fluctuations that reflect external contact."

Thanks to the level of bids, the dollar price was $ 38. "(PR Corridor Change)

In the informal market, on the other hand, The blue rose to 50 cents to $ 37.50According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. "Cash settlement" on Tuesday was 79 cents at $ 37.40.

Dollar in the world

At the end of the local day, China's giant technology executives after Huawei's senior executive executed the Canadian arrests to spread fear of the emergence of US dollar and Chinese trade tensions.

In this way, the future currency demand was increased to clarify the doubts about the negotiation agreed between the Presidents. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Six opponents against the basket, the dollar rose 0.2% to 97,202. The currency has fallen by 0.4% this week, but only on the 12th of November it is a mere 0.5% of the 97.693 deaths.

In the region, The dollar rose 0.3% in Brazil and 0.8% in Chile.

Other monetary markets

in Money market banks include "money money" Average of 55%. The exchange rate was agreed to raise $ 176 million dollars and / or money by purchasing dollars purchased on Friday and Monday.

In the ROFEX's future marketUS $ 785 million of US $ 785 million was negotiated with more than 60% between December and January, with the last fixed prices of 38,87 and 40,59 dollars, 45.31% and 49.96% respectively, respectively.

In the end, BCRA International Reserves $ 850 million was donated to US $ 50,271 million.

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