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A driver of La Matanza was shot: 7 unemployed people – 03/12/2018


Iván Montenegro, a 242 bus driver, died on Monday in the Buenos Aires area of ​​La Matana, when he attacked a bandit. It is risky

The police have reported that Montenegro Montenegro was shot in the left foot and this morning he was waiting for the Soliza clinic to get rid of the San Justo project.

Likewise, his colleagues had to collect and stop together for an unlimited period of time to improve working conditions and security.

The forces of strength are among the 172, 242, 298, 624, 174, 317 and 635 lines of La Cabaña.

The attack occurred at mornings in the town of Rafael Castillo, when Montenegro finished its work.

Representing Sergio Paz from 12:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m., arriving at the last station in the Abadía neighborhood, all the passengers dropped off except the army that cut and threatened their weapons.

"He stopped beyond his career," Paz explained. "We do not know what happened to the incidents, but the member ended at the bottom left, fortunately, it's ok", he added a conversation with the channel All news

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