Saturday , January 23 2021

A failure that does not hold persecution. | Justice …

After delaying the hearing of more than ten hours, the Jujuy Supreme Court has condemned 3 militants Sala Milagro Sala's 13-year sentence. Criminal criminal offenses, extortion and fraud were committed in the State, despite the fact that the claims were enforced by the provincial executives and the prosecution could not provide reliable evidence to prove the responsibility of Tupac Amaru's reference in the events. . "Today, as women judges, women and employees, they will go to history if what you decide is good or bad," said Sala, as she approached him, before hearing her conviction. Like thirty courts, the leader asserted his innocence: "All my members and I are innocent. We do not steal anything and it's no coincidence that our jobs are internationally accepted," he said. This is the fourth trial, since the House was arrested almost three years ago. The first sentence, if it is strong, would remain locked. Sala's defense has announced that he will make a judgment in all its cases.

The trial trial took place within six months, with three files, Pibes Villeros, the diversion of Tupace co-operatives and the housing units of other social institutions in Jujuy.

Judge María Alejandra Tolaba – has been appointed as the President of the Court after these two options, and Claudia Sadir and Ana Carolina Pérez Rojas have been appointed as the person responsible for crimes committed. The defense, Luis Paz, Matías Duarte and Paula Álvarez Contreras demonstrated the "orphanage" elements. He has presided over the 20-year sentence of the prison in front of the Chamber.

At the trial, and in the interview with this newspaper, Duarte stated that "the prosecution could not solve it" to solve "serious" debates. Among the irregularities, he mentioned the temporary framework for illegal offenses and extortion imposed by Sala, and the prosecution accused the accused of falsifying the trial without validity. photocopies. In the end, when they were accused of accusation, the prosecution of Jujeo's Public Prosecutor condemned Sala to "invent" those who did not invent "sue".

After the sentence, the defense advanced in all cases of trial, and is expected to have more details on the cause that was condemned "in the case of the case, the irregularities will continue to be mistakes" is called Duarte newspaper.

On this Wednesday, the imprisonment for three years depends on the regime of pre-arrest detention, which in his opinion does not weigh the firm constitution. For this reason, at the request of legal representative lawsuits, the convicted person will be confirmed by all judicial tribunals until the trial ends.

The Chamber did not make any trials, 30 members of the cooperative, members of the social organizations of Jujuy and former officials of the provincial courts. Raul Noro, a terminal illness, imposed a three-year sentence. Thousands of judges, all co-operatives, were definitely acquitted.

Delayed listening

The last hearing was expected at 8:30 p.m. yesterday, but the court had to abolish it, when it was discovered that Raúl Ezequiel Aguilera, the provincial deputy Mabel Balconte children, her mother and courtroom were accused and the Jujuy government is working on the record According to officers, they were arrested last weekend in Formosa for alleged cocaine for commercial purposes.

Aguilera Jujeo's Public Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office requesting a single petition, acquitted him in plearine. With him and his brother, members of the co-operatives of the housing involved in the case, were in charge of discussing the confrontation between the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Jujuy Executive Strategy. Crying out, the court was declared "compulsory" to collect checks aimed at building housing. Two judges acquitted.

Balconte, two mothers, completed the strategy. Tupac Amaru was elected in favor of political space gradually. It was amazing that his version of events and "confessing" had been that of Sala every time he arrived in Buenos Aires, as the leaders made the money on the fifth day of Max Kirchner's decision to win money. Olivo Balcue sentenced to 8 years in prison and the request for parliamentary elections was suspended.

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