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A fanarium gave him a portrayal of Luis Miguel

In the middle of a concert, an admirer was amazed Luis Miguel with an original appearance: his mother, Marcela Basteri, portrait, with a very busy dedication.

Luis Miguel Chile's last step will be unforgettable, at least, The Sun & # 39; For lovers, the idol decides one of the most important details.

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And so it was in the middle of his successful presentation, From the hands of the participants, it captures a colorful image that reminds one of its most pleasant moments of the past..

Without a doubt, it was a gesture that attracted attention to the public, which seemed to be the scene with original views. And that is the proximity that its public maintains is incessant and at the moment there is no exception.

In the middle of the concert, uHe gave a fan a replica of the photo that appears to his mother, Marcela Basteri, when she was a teenager.

With a brilliant smile, Luis Miguel He took a small painted picture and looked at the show quickly and happily. At that moment, the performer received all kinds of gifts: flowers, letters and even a teddy beard, which he placed in a symmetrical bank to simulate the singing of the doll.

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According to what the image of the girl with the picture presented, the portrait is said to be her mother. "Do not forget to always have your greatest treasure …"You will now be able to read the backdrop of this work that has been most fascinated by the singer.

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