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A father took pictures of his daughter at ten without knowing how to catch a leukemia


Thursday, December 06, 2018 at 02:41

The little Izzy was in a hammock, suddenly he fell asleep. He saw his father and took a picture of that moment, his baby was not doing well. A few weeks later, the doctors had leukemia detected.

"It was just an afternoon in the park, I was riding hammocks, I turned around and slept, I did not give much importance, it was a pleasant moment and I took the picture," said Dave Fletcher, the father of the baby I was two years old – to foreign media . "Then I noticed something more that I caught a sign of belief, I was tired of having cold and bruises on my legs, but everything that we took part in our childhood," he recalled.

After diagnosis, in English 570 has gone through the dose of chemotherapy and is currently a maintenance therapy to prevent cancer return. For this reason, Dave reminded him that he should tell the story and be aware of other parents. In that case, they went to the doctor when Izzy found a strange strange leg. They performed a blood test and said that they would go through a few days, unless the eruption worsened, what happened.

"You feel very sentimental when you see his images while you are sick, you realize that everything is so small, it has grown in a short time and it has not been given medicine, but it has easily taken it", he told his father.

"It caused the diagnosis, but we soon had the lucky chance of detecting it, the type of leukemia that it is suffering from is a better recovery and the others are very small, which also helps," he reflected.

Izzy, in chemotherapy sessions. In May, the maintenance treatment will finish.



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