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"A lot of players from the Golden Generation captured a lot"

On June 16, 2017, the date of the Argentine advance was detailed, Andr Marcelo Nocioni retired from professional activity. An Argentine bsquet cone, The Golden Generation, was an essential part. He played basketball player Clara Diario himself and opened a conversation in an interview Argentina team ahead of the World Cup.

Argentina's closest challenge to basketball is China's 2019 World Cup, and the two teams do not have to stay in the group stage. The question we are asking is to repeat the great achievements of The Golden Generation. "It's very repetitive. When the United States asks for players, Argentina reappears with the leap of quality and we will be back again. We were everybody we could combine collectively. They can appear in Argentina for talents and players, "he explained.

Nowadays, many national players play a leading role in Europe and in the main teams. Facundo Campazzo and Gabriel Deck They are two figures from Real Madrid, including the chosen symbol and captain, Luis ScolaShe works in Shanghai Shark. "Luis said something strange, but that's it: Golden Generation caught a lot of players because the team could not enter, because it occupied the places. Now they are seen in Spain between three and five and they can jump. "

In addition, the national coach agrees with "Chapu" Nocioni. I commented a few days ago: "I'm sure Campazzo or Deck were not Real Madrid, they will play in the NBA, I'm glad that I was in Europe. Vildoza gives a sensation, everything is not strange, Deck will return.

"The Golden Generation was no miracle. We made a great jump in Argentina. We were the pioneers of many things that were made by chance, such as trips and workouts. Both Rubn (Magnano) and Sergio (Hernndez) and Julio (Lamas) were very open to ask and consult. And we've always tried to provide a positive support for our team ", he finished the 2004 Athens Olympic Games campaign.

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