Thursday , January 21 2021

A man died next to the corrupted dead man

Strong smell alerts for neighbors. The man, at an advanced age, lived in a house next to the deceased in a state of decompression of his sister.

When the police crossed Villa del Dique, when they crossed Cordoba, they found a terrible image. du corpse In an advanced state of decomposition the woman was in her bedroom bed. He was a brother of another household, as if nothing had happened.

María Arcelia Becerra, for a period of 81 months, thinks she was a few months ago. His brother, a few younger years, lived at that time under the roof corpse.

"The preliminary report indicates, apparently, that there is no physical violence," said Gustavo Martin, prosecutor of the Rio Tercero Crime Chamber. The exact date of death will be determined with the final report of the autopsy.

The retired brothers lived in a house located in Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue, one of the main arteries of the small town. A year ago, the woman was a widow.

Nearby sources say that men are hospitalized at a health center. You are studying if you suffer from dementia, senile or psychological pathology.

The firefighters that took charge of removing the body were shocked by the abandonment of the house and the dirt.

He went in search of his brother and found death: his body was decomposed

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