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A man dies and his wife's lover is arrested for his crime – 02/12/2018


Matías Arismendi (26) was killed in the house of Campanan, and his wife's son was arrested for his crime. A man fell, tried to simulate suicide but committed himself serious mistake: he took the weapon and hid it in the possession of his cousin.

After the arrest of Oscar Parm. (25), the main hypothesis managed by the researchers was not to mention that they had a relationship with women because of their problems. Narcotics-related conflict.

The day did not happen at midday on Saturday at the first police station. Campaign arrived at San Juan, between Pedro Omar and Vigna, after making a call to Campanara 911, when he warned about a dead person.

When the police arrived at home, they found Arismendi A shot on the head is dead.

Everything was said to be a suicide, but there was a key element in the crime scene: the knife, 16. Caliber cartridge and several pellets near the body. They could not find the gun with the rifle.

When the investigators interviewed Arismendi, she paid for it initially suicide hypothesis. But when they spoke to the last person who was with the victim, they did not close. This is Parma, agree with the woman's sayings.

However, the police carried out several operations, and then took 16 shotguns in the Arismendiko -16 marker or no number. I was hid at the house of a cousin of ParmaLoudspeakers have been added.

Arismendi's wife changed the version of the incident and told the researchers that Parmen had abandoned the scene after leaving. a debate with her husband.

He said that the woman acknowledged the source He was loved by a relationship in Parma and the detainees and their husbands have accused each other of selling drugs. He also said that when Arismendi died, he kept fighting, where he shot his husband.

Thanks to these new testimonies, the prosecution of the judge Matías Ferreiros, UFI of the Judiciary Zárate-Campana 2, under the command of the arrest of Parma, the most serious homicide through dead weapons.

Source: Telam

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