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A man finds out that his girlfriend's current partner Netflix uses her account and explodes anger – 06/01/2014


A man was angry with his exotic girlfriend, when he learned the current partner They use Netflix account for 2 years without permission and without paying the monthly bill. Everything was cleared when a girl asked WhatsApp.

A website that publishes reddit users, social content and news, has published a message screen from its old girlfriend since she saved her name. "Hello, did you pay for your Netflix account?"She started writing a girl with a happy face on her face.

After two minutes, he replied: "Who are you? I have not programmed the number". He immediately tells him his name (when he was captured by the catches) He asked the night to turn over the night.

Reddit is a website that publishes social content and news (Reddit The_Duff).

Reddit is a website that publishes social content and news (Reddit The_Duff).

With violence, he reminds him not to talk about it for years, and I'm wondering how and why he has details about his Netflix account, and he answers: "When they gave us a date."

According to the user who publishes "The_Duff", he claims to see Netflix content and did not support this service. That's why he asks him to continue using him, he is his boyfriend and the monthly payment is "mandatory".

"You're making a joke, I'll change the password immediately, do not use my account anymore, I can not believe how you're doing it, delete my number," he asked. Reddit users were greatly amazed by the courage of the woman, especially: "Just pay, I try to see something."

A part of the conversation (Reddit The_Duff).

A part of the conversation (Reddit The_Duff).

"Real trash", "Deeply rooted law never struck me and annoys me", commenting on women's attitudes.

However, others took it with humor and an ironic case: "A fun story, when I was posting a post I was on Instagram, when it started to cut me, you break your boyfriend, but still use its service HBO. "

"My ex had contacted me when I cut it 3 years later, because it changed Hulu's password, because I did not have the idea I was still," he wrote another report. The_Duff did not follow the story, but everything seemed to change the password.

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