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A new development that will add WhatsApp to 2019

These are the newest features of WhatsApp in 2019, which are the new features and functions that will reach the most widely used messaging application in the world. And we have warned that one of the news does not like the users

Regeneration, December 29, 2018.– WhatsApp is one of the most important applications in our phone. It is essential, even if they use alternative applications, such as Line or Telegram, we end up with a large group of friends and acquaintances that only use WhatsApp, so the Facebook application needs to be installed. So, or if you already have the main application, we will tell you what the WhatsApp features and innovations will be 2019 most important.

WhatsApp is not the perfect app. In fact, it has to be enough, but every year, there are several changes for more users. 2018 has not been a bad year in this regard, but for now we have not heard about WhatsApp in 2019.

And, in addition to new emojis, WhatsApp news is about security in 2019, the devices will be available … and in advertising. Yes, WhatsApp will be free, and in 2019, WhatsApp is one of the newest functions and functions.

What was the WhatsApp news this year?

The year 2018 has been very good for the app, and we have had some important updates that have added other elements such as other messaging applications (Line or Telegram), but more users of the application are used to send messages very well (and they have received open arms).

To start, this year, WhatsApp updated to receive GIFs. They will come in a bit, but finally GIF can be sent to our contacts. Approximately, the option has been polished to integrate a keyboard search engine, it is very useful to not go to a webpage, find the desired GIF, download it and then upload to WhatsApp.

Another key feature of WhatsApp was stickers. Yes, we know Line and Telegram will spend a lot of time, but the matching stickers for WhatsApp has breathed fresh air into the app and communicating it. In addition, it has sparked the imagination of users with tools to create their own stickers.

We also had updates to improve video consumption to watch videos or talk to our contacts, watch a video call and improve group management. However, we will analyze the main features of WhatsApp 2012, new features and functions, which are three important points for the coming months.

Mobile phones will stay in WhatsApp in 2019

Every year, mobile phones will continue to work WhatsApp. However, apps are updated and although Facebook is not a Pleistocene cell phone, but it's miraculous, it's true that some features may be "heavy" for any reason. device or operating system.

And when an application is updated, the managers should look at what operating systems they need, or what versions of the system are, but rather, more widespread. Yes, do not worry, probably, the mobile running on WhatsApp thinks it is not available in a few days.

You only have to worry about Nokia S40, because it is a mobile phone that will work on WhatsApp in 2019, specifically the last day of 2018. S40 is a mobile phone with more than 10 years and, if you have not yet been a major Mobile phone, do not worry, because WhatsApp continues to work, but thank you for charging it (even if it's "real" Nokia).

As of February 1, 2020, WhatsApp will continue to work on Android 2.3.8 and every iPhone on iOS 7. When looking at specific models, WhatsApp will not work on the following devices:

  • Windows Phone 8.0 mobile phones
  • iPhone 3GS with iOS 6
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Blackberry 10
  • Mobile phones with BlackBerry OS

If you have one of these terminals, you'll have to jump, this is not complicated, for cell phones we've received over the months, you do not want to spend a lot of money.

It will continue to fight against fake news

This year we have faced several controversial worlds, one of which has been fake news. The news is missing, for example, that Trump's US election seems to have decided something about Facebook … and, therefore, WhatsApp.

In the image clearing campaign, Zuckerberg seems to want to clear WhatsApp's news falsification and so recently released a feature to send a message sent by WhatsApp. The first step was "Forward" the tag was added, users did not know the original information.

The next step is to limit the number of users to 20 messages, a way to fight spam, but now they are much more restrictive. And recently, WhatsApp was updated to limit the restriction to five people.

It's something happening in India, though people have been fake, but gradually, WhatsApp will apply this limit in other countries too. WhatsApp is a very important tool for addressing fake 2019 and news.

And ads on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will be free. In the past, you had to pay a small amount to use WhatsApp, but when it came to Facebook, it was over, and WhatsApp kept a free app without paying a premium.

However, that is over. No, we will not pay again to use WhatsApp, but it will come in 2019 advertising. And there are several ways to make a free application for making money. One of them is made through user data management, something that Facebook did not do well, which, in fact, was unpleasant Mark Zuckerberg. Otherwise, it is done through advertising.

Nothing is free, and less applications are just as important as WhatsApp. He knows a few months, but in 2019, one of the major news on WhatsApp will be advertising. Now, how will ads do?

We do not have ads to sell ads with our contacts, WhatsApp ads will be exactly like Instagram (on Facebook and by chance). Between states and users' stories, advertisers can place their products.

Now, how do we pay for the user? With our data, it is managed by Facebook. The agencies will send advertising, presumably, personalized.

This is what WhatsApp's 2019 news is like, so if you're using States and stories, you can prepare WhatsApp ads to reach the United States early in the year and gradually expand across regions.

Not everything that is going to be as serious as WhatsApp's functions, limiting fake news and fake advertising, is also a place for emojis. Many of us communicate with almost all emojis and very soon reach Wavetainfo, if they go to 357 new emojis.

And so far, our most recent WhatsApp news releases for 2019. Now, we just need the app that we need to be a tool that is useful for external companies, such as programming messages or playing audio at different speeds.

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