Saturday , January 29 2022

A new epic for taking some graffiti, icons and games


Blizzard continues to expand Overwatch's shoot, with the shooter's same frequency that adds content. However, getting the final range depends on your luck, but not dexterity in your game. You do not need too much to get the whole lot.

D.Va Nano Cola in the same line of events, Bastet's challenge The fast match, the competitive match and the players that win Arcade modes. They did not get a victory We only need nine to unlock everything.

Of course, it's a big prize Bastet's new look: Inspired by the homonymous story of Ana, Soldier 76 and Reaper, we can provide a sniper mask and outfit a legendary sponsor In our case, there is also a sniper rifle.

Prizes? Five graffiti, a player icon, a triumphant appearance and an epic look Ana Bastet. Of course, this event is available for a limited time, so we have to get nine victories before January 22


And as a preview, here is the official trailer of the Bastet Challenge.

Extra bonus: Twitch's Bastet challenge five graffiti

In addition to providing exclusive content for recreation, this temporary event can also unlock graffiti for Twitch Overwatch's live broadcasts. These graffiti are based on images related to the story, including a very special Soldier 76 picture.

It's as simple as connecting to playback players Overwatch before January 22 On the official website you can see the transmission schedule contact To see the 6-hour game, you'll need to unlock it.


Do you like graffiti in advance? You are here:

After the Christmas ceremony, the Bastet Challenge will be held next year OverwatchThis is expected to cover the new year's lunar. And this year, considering the year of the pig, A good option is that Roadhog looks like it. We'll know soon.

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