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A participant dreamed of Guido Kaczka but he found it and crossed the air – 2013/01/30

Unusual jewelry were not usual this week Another family night (Third, at 9:30 a.m.), the program that drives Guido Kaczka (40), when A participant wanted to be fun and he found the driver.

Everything began to participate in the game with a couple involved in the studio, and Guido began to express his good humor: "They arrive there … Benjamin, teacher, perfect … and how is your name (asked his girlfriend)? ".

Benjamin's girlfriend called her name Dolphin and then the sharp question arrived, "And is the dog his name?"."He asked him", the participant responded to Kaczka.

"What is your name?"The presenter of Trece questioned the dog, and, of course, he did not answer, but Guido once again stressed that perhaps he expected a gesture of an animal or anger and repeated his question:"What is your name?".

But the dog did not answer the tail with the arm, so the driver said:Dog is a typical moment with talent that does not work on television".

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Already something rotten and absorbed in his role, the driver turned to the pet's owner and asked again:What do you think?". "Ask", the participant responded again.

Kaczka was a dog and asked the metal and glass structure approached: "What is your name?"But the latter was not consulted before and The Thirteen night images his competitors said angry:"He did not answer!".

"Ask again"He encouraged the doghouse of La Plata, and for the sixth consecutive time, the actor tried to decipher the animal name as well."What is your name?"he asked.

This attempt has also failed It was a journey between the presenter and his participant, who answered again: "Ask!"Guido realized that the dog was calling it that way.

"Oh, ask the dog ah … Have you ever got a camera for pineapple? Because I'm angry, "Kaczka threatened to infuriate.Not yet"The man laughed, laughing.

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In the end, Benjamin said he was baptizing his pet so that "he was out." "I found that house, I took it home, it was my nephew and asked me what was the name … Now, the dog lives in the country, but we live together in a monoambiente and we eat potatoes with cookies. "

In the end, the dog, whose owners call a diminutive, "I pray"Secondly, he has maintained the challenge of achieving the goal, and therefore, in the classic Guido program," one million prizes "continues.

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