Sunday , May 16 2021

A picture of a mega-star of sports that left fans was amazed

Amazed Thus, Lewis Hamilton's Formula 1 champion was five-time champion with more than nine million fans, to watch the videos published by his Instagram account and watch videos that had to be shared by the company's videos. In "grandfather".

The desire of the champion of the most important motorsports in the world recalled for a moment that he had hair that was covered with gray hair and white beards: "Aitona Lewis" In 2016.

It was "Back to the Future", a phrase that helped the image with its Instagram account. A 34-year-old rider was part of the advertising presented by Mercedes in Allianz and tells his grandchild about the world titles he won 47 years earlier.

"Do you ever know that your grandfather has become the world champion of 2008?"Hamilton said his children had been accused of their grandchildren. When he asked how he got his first three titles, He responded "cautiously and reliably", while the clips appeared inverse.

The famous composer artist was responsible for making this makeup Mark Coulier, Oscar winner and Lord Voldemort's facial creator, among others.

Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 Champion, He will defend his fourth title with Mercedes (he won the fifth in 2008 with McLaren) starting March 17 When Albert Park opens the Australian Grand Prix.

han, The British will start to win their sixth championship and Michael Schumacher arrived seven, and replaced it in "Silver Arrow" in 2013.

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