Wednesday , January 20 2021

A planet Earth outside the solar system found light 53 of the Earth

Satellite TESS, Since he has had a two-year exploration mission last April, They found a planet outside the solar system (exoplanet), a 53-il iluminate of the Earth, the researchers revealed.

du TESS (Exoplanet Survey Satellite Transiting), United States Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) In cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), A planet identified by researcher Diana Dragomir Fish "strange" and other gas, whose size is three times the Earth.

The discovery was made at the Seattle American Astronomy Society meeting.

The MIT researcher assures the planet, baptized HD 21749b, In the constellation of the rectangle, a 36-day orbit works around a star.

Dragomir estimates roughly the surface area of ​​the planet 300 degree fahrenheit. (148.8 Celsius)

"It's the coolest planet we know about this bright star", said Dragomir, who told CNN, that it might be lucky to be caught and investigated.

The group investigators also detected the statements of what could be the second planet of another system, with a much smaller orbit, with just 7.8 days. The Earth's first size found by TESS.

TESS, which In search of more or less exploring orbiting stars that are less than 300 light Earth, Spatial telescope is based on data collected KeplerHe has spent nine years in the orbit, and has confirmed more than 2,600 exoplanets.

George R. Ricker's project leader, quoted by The New York Times, TESS has already found 203 possible planets, three of which are based on ground-based telescopes.

"So far we have confirmed three planets"said Dragomir.

Two other planets were found in Pi Mensae c and LHS 3844b, according to journalistic versions.

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