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A policeman killed his boyfriend and sued Santa Rosa


Ángel Julio Alaniz Montenegro's mother had discovered it when he came into the kiosk. His son was alive in the ground and injured. His girlfriend was in the same house and he was dead. The researchers believe that the woman, the police assistant, shot her partner and then took her life.

The case yesterday was surprised in the eastern province yesterday afternoon. At 1330, the mother of young murders arrived at Alejo Mallea street number 80, October 29, on a street in Santa Rosa, in a field of construction and small vineyards.

Alaniz was 28 years old and was the chair of the Public Safety Institute (IUSP). His girlfriend was an assistant Jimena Belén Rosales Giménez (25), for the one He served at the San Martin Road Police, According to the Ministry of Security.

The young man had a kiosk on the same house that found a body. According to the first information, and following the strongest hypothesis of the researchers, Rosales shot Alaniz and killed him. Cause related sources Andes The boy had a gun inserted in his stomach and another in his head.

Everything indicates after the crime, the assistant took his weapon, took his head and shot it, immediately taking his life. The uniform left on the left.

As a mobile jealousy?

One of the guiding lines of research is the opportunity to motivate crime. Rosales found out that Alaniz had the intention or that he was once again a girlfriend. This motivated a debate that ended in a worst way. "The aid was discarded," said a source that prefers anonymity.

Couples struggling and arguing frequently, according to their closest friends. They also fought.

Experts from the Scientific Police will determine the mechanism of the events and verify whether or not a suicide murder has occurred, according to the Ministry of Security. The investigation order was in the prosecutor's office, Mariana Cahiza.

Son and nephew troops

Ángel Julio Alaniz was the son of a infantry teller and retired as a retired killer. When he was 28 years old, following his father's and his brother's footsteps, he joined the IUSP.

Apparently, when he met Rosales, they were studying two. Some people watched discussions among their classmates.

Alaniz had never graduated. In the future, the young man finished at the police school almost at the end of the course.


Ángel Julio Alaniz 28 years old. Candidate at IUSP. The victim had a kiosk on the house he found dead.

Jimena Belén Rosales 25 years old. Police Road Assistant. A 25-year-old girl left the guard for hours.

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