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A prisoner from Magdalen hired hantavirus

Thus, in the province of Buenos Aires, there are nine cases of hantavirus.

40-year-old man who is prisoner Magdalena in prisonNear La Plata, they moved to a hospital complex of Buenos Aires, Hantavirus is hired.

He felt a man, joint, and mental illness in the head that led to a sentence of article 28 of the Criminal Unit. In prison, the Health Unit, with similar symptoms of influenza, carried out exams for the hantavirus contraction, and was taken to the San Juan de Dios hospital in La Plata.

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In the province of Buenos Aires there are nine cases that have already been declared and confirmed by Hantavirus.

Prison state

The Provincial Authority set up training for staffing prevention and early diagnosis measures, except for fumigation and operational eradication in "different penitentiaries".

Memoria Foru Komisioak (CPM) already requested Preventive and deratization actions will be applied to prisons, police stations, closed centers for young people and neuropsychiatrists Buenos Aires to prevent the virus infection that transmits the colilateral mouse.

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According to the CPM, in jail inspections, "they found a great deal of concern" presence of rodents and lack of hygiene Among the detainees there are two issues These places are very good for the spread of the disease".

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