Tuesday , January 18 2022

A robber tried to steal the UFC fighter with a "cardboard weapon" and he was struck by a stinging shock: "I was more afraid I was scared"


Fighter Mixed Martial ArtsPoliana Viana, after being an attacker, had a bad time in the front of the Jacarepagua house, in the west of Rio de Janeiro, waiting for a taxi. A man approached him and wanted to steal his cell phone, though He resisted him and he would never forget him again.

"When I noticed his presence, he was very close to me. He asked me, but I said, he did not leave. So I hid my phone on my waist and then said:" Give me the phone. Do not try to react because I'm armed. & # 39; Then he approached and placed a gun, but I realized that the gun was horrible, "Viana said.

Viana keeps the delinquent until the police arrive.
Viana keeps the delinquent until the police arrive.

The fighter explained in his conversation that it was not difficult to find that it was aimed at a weapon, he decided to attack him. "I threw two shots and shots. The criminal went down and then I caught a leopard. I kept it there and then I put it in the place and they told me to wait for the police. "

When the troops arrived, the UFC fighter found that the criminal was using fear. It was not a weapon, but a cardboard was like a gun.

The "weapon" of cardboard tried to attack the thief UFC fighter.

The woman from Olaga, "Iron Lady", said the situation was always calm. "I was calm because I did not react after the blows, I was afraid. So I did not react, he told me, but I was very upset and told me he had to call the police and" he called me the police, "he was afraid he would die more" explained Viana.

The thief was reported.
The thief was reported.

After confirming the UFC president, the case was taking place as a tweet with a message that summarized what happened with a fighter and a thief. "The leftist is Polyana and is a thief who tries to the right. #Muymalaidea."

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