Sunday , February 5 2023

A seal of the court infused the Boca tombs monument


In the midst of attacks by the riders of the river, before the front of the Superfinal Libertadores Glass, a bar of Xeneize appeared, infiltrated in the Monumental scene, to witness the party.

Maximiliano Levy was arrested between 2011 and 2013, to continue hiding Maximiliano Mazzaro, then assassinated by the fugitive Justice Matadoro.

In spite of the incident, Antonio Vespucio Liberti was investigating Justice just to see the deceased history or to link his presence with a larger scope. On the other hand, they must also determine when they were released by the other 12 members.

Levy went to the armchairs with the outfit that he identified with the local club and accompanied by his wife, wearing a tee shirt with a girl's club.

Bar defense

He photographed his photo on his personal Facebook account and, to see its effects, he defended himself. He showed a card to be a member of Admiral Brown. This means that he was a fan and wrote a message: "A lot of trouble for my wife to play football".

Photo of the Almirante Brown Levy card.
Photo of the Almirante Brown Levy card.

Superclassic violence and control problems marred by rulers. The presence of the subject involved in the entry of personal data (only seats were sold for millionaires) restores the vulnerability of the vulnerable security to prevent it from successfully pursuing it.

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