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A statistical mystery about Lionel Messi has begun a geological study – 12/31/2013

Lionel Messi is the ability to awaken all kinds of passions – in a general positive nature – nobody questions. Although it was not yet known, the particular characteristics of his career can generate interests from a branch of science, especially those that explore the material components of the Earth.

In 2015, the Catalans showed that Messi was not effective, because he was sentenced to a penalty called Gold Nord of Camp Nou. In fact, ten lost in that stadium, The nine were in that goal and the only Gold Sud. mystery.

What may be the reason for this difference? Science sought out an explanation beyond bad luck or metaphysical.

Geologist's Land & Technology Manual & # 39; In an article published in the journal, he reproduces the Catalan site Sport, Geotechnical and Voice of the Catalan Geologist's Chair, Albert Ventayol, concludes that he can have explanations about statistical knowledge.

"Gol Nord is located in the shales of the Paleozoic horns, limestone and other hardy rocks, covered by sedimentary Quaternary, and is a precursor of the South Sudan substrate, and blue clay is much more recent," said Ventayol. which said "Messi feels better for clay motifs". It also allows a joke about the subject, which is surely more fun for biology students: "Messi's nightmare is a deep paleozoic substratum."

Seriously, Ventayojo has said that the field that is located in the Camp Nou is "a great geological complexity" in Barcelona. He added ground below ground that used land during the construction period (between 1955 and 1957), reddish clay, thick and thin, combined with the thick blue clay southern Gol Sud. Messi. He stated: "Even if the Camp Nou is in the basement, Blaugrana".

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