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A story of love and friendship that hides Meghan and Harry's new home


November 28, 2018

He goes to the dukes of Sussex Frogmore Landa, the ten rooms that are fully renovating to your needs. The walls hide a classic queen and Indian workers, they never accepted the crown.

Frogmore Landa It is a selected place Prince Harry and his wife Meghan To live and raise your baby. This place also offers a nursery, a private gym and a yoga studio. She will use the dukes' wedding in Sussex.

However, The house also preserves the history of love and secret that the king wants to forget. Everything happened during the reign Victoria I of England, the British king between 1837 and 1901. His time of reign is known as Victorian and is usually a very conservative and moralist life, like all stories, usually secular.

He was his full name Alejandrina Victoria; He was born on May 24, 1819 and was a father Eduardo, Duke Kent (son of king George III) and princess Maria Luisa of Saxony-Coburg. His father died in 1820, when he was only one year old, when he was in charge of his mother's office, who remained in constant custody to leave the court. Despite the fourth son of Father Jorge III, The death of Jorge IV and Guillermo IV's father defeated Victoria in 1837, when he was only eighteen.

True Abdul and Victoria

Frogmore Cottage Hidden A story that has been recreated in many British films: Queen Victoria kept her up Former Indian employee, Abdul Karim. Both relations were so controversial in their time, After the death of Queen, his "friend friend" trace was removed. The revocation of the relationship was so strong that after the death of Victoria, letters were burned and forced to see the stream before being deported to their country of origin.

Victoria met Abdul in 1887, at the age of 50 and in many of his travels he returned to one of the British colonies, India. He was fascinated by that place He brought with him two Indian workers to continue knowing their culture. They thought it was one of them AbdulThey thought well. Orduña taught Urdu in a few weeks, the language of Pakistan and India, and the servants of the palace passed by personal servants, while the king respected himself and began to panic, reaching a certain moment. In order to obtain a court doctor, Victoria was not trying to verify it.

Despite the denial of all, The queen intensified relations, it was so intense that, in an effort to bring it closer, the sovereign was a "friend", the Indian secretary's private secretary and the friend of the Indian Empire. His friendship lived secretly Frogmore Landa, where Queen every evening has to be with her. After thirty years, Abdul's name appears in the Court Circle, which includes real commitments, and his portrait is officially painted.

However, Abdul's court days came to an end. With the death of Queen Victoria, Edward VII dismissed and built a more traditional Frogmore house, in order to change all the furniture in the residence, in order to conceal the history of the walls. Romance came to a great screen in 2017 in Stephen Frears's "Queen Victoria and Abdul", which runs the media scandal.

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