Tuesday , January 18 2022

A study finds links between abdominal fat and brain measurement


Mark Hamer, a researcher from Loughborough University (United Kingdom), found a proportional link between the amount of fat accumulated in the stomach and the size of the brain. The corresponding study was published in the Neurology journal.

EurekAlert! According to Portal, scientists looked at massive body indices and belt hypochondria (9,652 fatty participants), at an average age of 55. Then, they used the magnetic resonance image to determine the volume of white matter and gray matter in the brain. Other factors that may affect the volume of the brain are also taken into account, such as age, physical activity, smoking habits and high blood pressure.

As a result, the authors of the research showed that the high body mass index was somewhat lower in the volume of red matter. Thus, people who had high values ​​in this index and hip-hip had less than ordinary brain issues. With regard to the volume of white matter, scientists did not find much difference.

"Our investigations analyzed a large group of people and found it obesity, specifically in the middle section of the body, could be related brain reduction"Mark Hamer said the study" Obesity, especially in the waist, that the brain matter was associated with cerebral brain volumes, it is not clear that the structure of the brain's anomalies causes obesity, or if obesity changes in the brain. "

The specialist said that the research also found "links to reduce obesity and specific regions of the brain".

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