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A taxpayer has found the money flow of K – 12/12/2018


Justice finds a new "Money Route K". This way, to make money, like others that are related to the flight of unlawful profits, He is a member of the Kirchner family, as well as the imprisoned construction Lazaro Báez. But the research adds new features. Gerardo Pollicita, a 11-year-old Public Prosecutor, has called for the declaration of the investigation of the financier Ernesto Clarens, in order to commit him to another company that includes another million workers in excess, in order to commit this crime.

Judge Pollicita Julián Ercolini considers an opinion and opens a new reason that highlights the discovery already exhausted. Yes, There are more financial avenues for millions of people with the State, that is, the original ways of cleaning outer divisions and the benefit of the construction businessman.

New land methods, where money has always been. There are no vehicles for asphalt vehicles, like those that needed to be loaded and finished by Lazaro Báez. The paths are complex, even if this is not detected, the maneuver of those who hide profits is increasingly sophisticated.



In this case, also concealing the body that has been paid and paid for by Báez suppliers. According to the prosecution, the authorities that were "forfeited" had to be their spokesperson and not his accomplice: the federal income agency (AFIP)Ordered by Ricardo Echegaray.

When Pollicita obtained the contribution of the current AFIP dog document, "presidential friend" (that is, he is called Báez) "Between 2005 and 2009, a maneuver was committed to punishment" with that "An important part of this money was a mechanism for recycling (the status of B was given over millions of millions of Karia) through a non-fictional cost-fiction fund that would provide funds with legality, their distance from the crime of their criminal origin to the National State".

Pollicite calculates the new Báez Money Route K, with the help of Clarens and the rest, He would need at least one hundred and sixty million dollars, "Which were finally converted into cash, constantly preventing traceability."

Pollicita wrote a detailed opinion of one hundred and seventy pages (almost millions of millions of peasants blamed).

Prosecutor and current AFIP management show that Báez's companies were using barter companies and real-world bills, but did not know how to work for the builder to deviate funds Dozens were financed and returned by financial companies Employers' Companies K.

Ernesto Clarens emerges from the courts. Photo by Maxi Failla

Ernesto Clarens emerges from the courts. Photo by Maxi Failla

Pollicita explained that this operation of "new maneuvering" is "the cost fiction of non-public works". The rest of the buildings in the Gotti funded from the United States (a company of other subsystems) to Lazaro Báez could not eliminate this, but at the same time was very effective in disrupting the cost of being more efficiently & # 39; , indicated in the apocryphal bills, in millions of real spending, in the direction of the work carried out by Gottik ".

The prosecutor's follow-up follows a summary: "The company Gotti did not have the right to use it (R: money laundering), but it featured a very special feature for the criminal Plan: Ernest Clarens controlled Invernes SA third-person financial He summarized the collections and payments made to him, and, in short, obtaining a new impose over the funds and a further step would be to move away from the original, asking for confirmation of these apocryphal credentials that would not be opposed to Austral Construcciones, or against Gotti's accounts In contrast to Invernes' accounts, the stock company of Buenos Aires, aimed at financial activities, had no relationship with national fraud, which was not suspected. "

Pollicita's list of non-suppliers suppliers that introduced it into its new opinion would be about a hundred.

AFIP K management companies helped systematically "shell" companies: "speeding up the trout" "Lazarus" to punish these ghost companies, including tax holidays and uniforms.

They have achieved a very effective selection of non-business collection agencies: they have completely entered into all tax payment plans. Everything is everything The former AFIP K chief, Ricardo Echegaray, has been investigating this storyIt comes from the logical opinion of Pollicite.

Former investigator of the AFIP, Ricardo Echegaray, investigated. PHOTO PEDRO LÁZARO FERNÁNDEZ

Former investigator of the AFIP, Ricardo Echegaray, investigated. PHOTO PEDRO LÁZARO FERNÁNDEZ

Prosecutors found a provider, among other things, in particular. His name is Gustavo Javier Blanco, he worked as a remitter, charging 40 pesos a day for Gotti.

Blanco, according to documentation from the current officials of the AFIP, traveled more than the protagonists of Oscar Cadeno's "Cuadernos K".

Báez proves that there is a total of nine million dollars in invoices called "Remisero II".

Any route to the imperfect route, though K.

According to Pollicita Fiscal, the story "cashback recovery cash" was recently inaugurated as a "verifying exchange" in a very important proportion, known as Ernesto Clarens, "Credit and Consumer Housing Co-operative" (Coficred) and Infecred. until 2006

bugle Clarens admitted that his Coficred financier was under the control of these maneuvers. But it does not mean knowing the source of real checks.

In other courts, Clarens sold Invernes in January 2005.

In Pollicita's opinion, it is clear that the prosecutor does not think that it has occurred formally or informally.

According to the prosecutor and court judge Julián Ercolini, this new reason for the "mother" archive of Báez's public work was collected through National Highway, and 46 billion pesos was updatedKirchner's partners' business secrets may cause negative impacts.

Pollicite asked Ercolini, in addition to Clarens, that the accountants of Báez Group were investigated, Like César Andés; Gotti's family, founder of the company that carries his surname; Former wife of Lazaro accountant, Andrea Cantín; Clarens, a key character named Carlos Di Gianni; and other staff and agent Kirchners.

Likewise, the Public Prosecutor Báez asks for an "urgent need" for the precautionary action of already-saved assets. and other businesses and financial Clarens. "Registered natural and legal persons, as well as the" lock-in deposit "for lifting their securities and taxes.

Another long-term argument for other crimes is the "Panaderos Unidos 3er Milenio" Mutual Society, a provider of suspected K: researchers. Account bills, and not food, if it were true, Bazar-Gotti-Invernes would have food for $ 76 million in beef containers.

Everything could happen in the Patagonian stories.

"Korrika K tracks" (perhaps it is time to promote a construction scale, the "Autopista K Autopistas del") has accelerated and accelerated, so it is accelerated and obvious that all its outputs begin and finally a single address Comodoro Py Street 2002, Retiro, Buenos Aires. Da The seat of the federal courts where corruption is investigated.

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