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A teenage girl who committed suicide was reported to have abused her

At the age of 18, he denounced his mistreatment for his best friend, he was sued one week ago later asking and apologized publicly for forgiveness.

Everything started in the beginning of December Agustín MuñozIn Bariloche, women attended a march on women's "never alone alone, never laughed", to remember women who had been killed in the city center for civilians and to end their abuses. .

In March, the list of supposed supposed readers was read. At that time, her friend, A., claimed that sexual abuse was given to them, in the presence and later, in the social networks that were viral.

"They cried in the middle of that drawing and made no noise." The first thing he had to take was to take him home, he was disappointed today and told me what happened to him, "said Silvina Castañeda, mother of Agustin, in the interview portal Bariloche 2000.

"When we went to the search, it was already viral." I contacted them again and again. We had a great love with him and he urged fast pardon to stop everything. " In the messages, the son's friend asked for forgiveness and asked how they could be solved. "I do not want more quilombos," he wrote.

In her networks, Silvin spoke with a girl and published a public apology under the arrest of A. "Today, I wrote a girl because of the anger of my son Instagram and now he does not know how to stop the ball"he wrote "Playing with that is very serious, it's compassion for rape, abuse and bullying".. He added: "And you, A., we will take care of your home so much, I do not understand how my son paid for his friendship! It's not enough to apologize. "

"It was the time of" anger and anger, "the young woman wrote with her Instagram account, she is no longer active, to correct your complaint. "I did not know how limited it was to see it." He also apologized for "defamation" and "sending a definitive message in his trustful gesture". "You learn from bugs and I've sent you", he concludes.

"We have had great love with him, and I think the reason why he was forgiven is everything he needs," said Silvina. However, the complaint stopped turning and his son was depressed: "He was very bad in bed, he did not want to eat."

On Sunday, December 23, in the same publication, when she published messages and apologies for young women, Silvina finally reported her son's suicide. "My son died yesterday with a broken heart," he wrote.

On Saturday, Agustin's parents published a video to ask for and take care of complaints.

"Public knowledge took its lives a few weeks ago", She said in Silvina. "Agustín is not there, he took the decision, strict, rigorous, he did not get enough permission. We are aware that playing something very delicate. "

"Here, accompanied by young people who are silently asked to finish their work to finish their writing works"he said.

He concluded: "As a mother, as a mother, accompanied by her father, we invite you to take care of our children, since Agustin Agustín is no longer in custody for our children."

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