Thursday , October 6 2022

A tribute to Ricardo Fort, in addition to the words of ShowMatch and Tinelli: "He is among his sons"


Mica Vicicont paid homage to the exhilaration of the dance. Martita and Felipe Fort.

Ricardo Fort's emotional tribute to ShowMatch

The lively emotion lived a night ShowMatch when it is Mica Viciconte He decided to pay homage Ricardo Fort The track where he got his reputation. Martita and Felipe Fort They thanked Father's honor Gustavo Martínez It was one of the sensations.

Gustavo Martínez: "I give my life, it's a pity that my father lost a lot of children, he chose a family and built a family, but he left it, that's for me, he did not enjoy the kids."

"It's not the same TV, for example, he started to enter the studio with a horse, and when he started singing or when he was speaking to the chairman," he told Philip as he stood beside his sister. "Life was very enjoyable, very crazy. We went to Miami a day, we took it to Roll Royce," Marta reminded her after the choreography of Viciconte María Fernanda Callejón and Celeste Muriega.

sensitized, Gustavo Martínez The memory was broken: "I give my life. Father children lost a lot. He chose a family and built a family, but he left it. That's because it's hurt to me, I do not enjoy kids," he said, touching emotions.

Tinelli: "Ricardo is among them and I see him, I have seen attention and love, nobody told me, with the boys that came to me in the morning." Is "# 39; & # 39; he missed the glamor of love that he left within these beautiful creatures ".

However, Tinelli acknowledged the words of Ricardo Hildako children and the words of the singer singing singer's words: "I can change your appearance, because life can be seen from two perspectives. What you did best was joy, content, hope," Marcelo he started

"Ricardo is in them and I can see him, I saw care and love, nobody told you, I saw him coming in the morning with the boys," said the driver. "He is inside his father." The look of the lost "is more than a look at the love that he left within the very beautiful creature," he concluded.

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