Wednesday , February 8 2023

A woman found her daughters' diary and found she was suffering from her father


The girl is 10 years old and said she had scorned her father at least four times. He was arrested for men and charged with the crime of massive sexual abuse.

A 28-year-old man was arrested in Salta and his 10-year-old daughter was charged with sexual abuse after a complaint to her mother. She was reading the intimate news of the girls.

The prosecution of male offenders has been subjected to repression, coexistence, bondage and guard against sexual abuse, in real competition, damaging 10-year-old daughter.

Mom found her daughter's private diary without security and read it. In it, the girl revealed that her dad had done her sexual abuse.

In that situation, she watched the woman from her daughter from school to psychologist and she repeated three or four times abusive and gave other details.

In collaboration with professionals and school authorities, the woman presented her complaint.

When his wife talked about him, the court denied everything and left the house, they later kept in contact with her cell phone, acknowledging that she had abused her daughter.

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