Wednesday , January 26 2022

A woman was admitted to tuberculosis


In the case of tuberculosis detected in the unit, the Ministry of Health's Department of Epidemiology has confirmed the good evolution of the affected person and recalled the prevention, symptoms and ways of disease.

Tuberculosis, considered as an illness, can affect any part of the body, but usually the lungs. It often occurs and creates around 10 thousand a year in the country. In La Pampa there are 40 and 50 cases.

It is notifiable and, whenever a diagnosis is made, the medical treatment must be notified to the provincial health authority.

Symptoms are coughs and cats over 15 days, fever, sweating, and weight loss. Pollution is carried out by means of respiration and a daytime contact is required. Diagnostic tests are available throughout the province and the treatment is completely free to get the patients and their contacts.

The Director of the Tuberculosis Program, Director of the Epidemiology Department, Patricia Estrella, spoke with Alejandra Corral and Claudia Avagnale.

Star confirmed that it is a case more. "We are working in an articulated way with the organization. We talked to the staff, to the people we studied, to the treatment and to the well-adjusted person. Our supervision is supervised, we are studying the studies with more than four hours, you can not isolate the patient's contacts You can go to work, "he explained.

The so-called "Supervised Treatment" is applied to the province for several years, which means that patients must go to a health center for the Public Healthcare Center to take their medication for staff. It works as a strict control mechanism for targeted treatment of the patient and for the treatment of this type as a contact, which helps to cut the transmission chain.

The people responsible for the Tuberculosis Program said that due to the illness, anyone could get sick at that moment "it must be ill for a long time, because the immune system is not optimal," he said.

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