Sunday , May 16 2021

A wonderful combination of Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré

Laurita Fernández enjoy your relationship Nicolás Cabré after four months. Two arrows "Sugar", today the brightness of Mar del Plata and today's powerful success.

Actor and model talked to the actor and talked about kinship with a partner. The actor is a dad RufinaA little fruit with a 5 year old love relationship China Suarez.

"This beautiful combo is the first time I've met"He said Diary Mariana In La Feliz presenting great rehearsals of music.

When each one looked after her words, Laurita talked with her "I've known him before (when he married Cabré), I talked more than Nico about the theater."

Program panelists, Marina Calabró She asked how she was the mother of her mother's relationship and relationship China Suarez.

"I do not know, I have that, but I do not know (in China), and I do not like respect to talk about it, they have a beautiful daughter … they have a good relationship but I do not think it." he concluded.

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