Monday , January 18 2021

A young man considered PUBG Mobile too much

India is one of the biggest problems related to mobile PUBG, because the Government had to ban the game to avoid further problems.

The latest report is about a Telangana regional youth, who was killed by PUBG Mobile. First of all, we want to make it clear that guilt was not the same game, but young people. The young man had been playing in a bad position for a full month and a half. For this reason, the neck and nerves constantly deteriorated in that area. A young man was taken to the hospital and died in the treatment while not having problems.

Other issues related to PUBG Mobile include: a young man stole around $ 750 from his father and a young man missing him 10 days away from home.

We repeat again: blame is not the game, although there are too many problems associated with their users and, apparently, because players do not understand the problems of their addiction, the only solution is to eliminate them or their relatives before they cause problems.

What do you think about these issues related to Mobile PUBG, especially India?

Sources: News18, The MobileIndian

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