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Abused by a false abuse, an 18-year-old boy died

His best friend, after an argument, wanted to punish and sexually harassed in networks. Then the girl told him a lie and apologized. But it was too late, the young man committed suicide

Agustín Muñoz was 18 years old and Bariloche lived. A couple of weeks ago, full of harassment complaints, he was reported by his friend through social networks. The matter was viral. The same girl, then, revealed that everything was a lie, asking forgiveness. But it was too late. Agustín died.

Everything that happened to Bariloche, little girl, when Agustin complained. The friend retreated, said that it was not true, "anger" for a moment. It was late The complaint became very popular in social networks. Sustainable, impossible.

The incident was announced yesterday, when young mother, Silvina Castañeda, said: "My son, like many other boys, was a sensitive creature, and as a result he was emotionally unbalanced, surprised us by everyone's decision to get the decision."

Agustin, at the beginning of December, women who participated in the slogan "Never Ever, Never Lying," gathered hundreds of young people in the Civic Center, reminding us of the memory of the dead women, the most exaggerated. But in this event, a friend accused him of dealing with sexual abuse and social networks.

The complaint filed by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook was the best friend, with which he had an argument, and the Protestants did not hesitate to promote slavery without confirming the facts. In Morocco afternoon, when Brown and Onelli walked to the corner of the streets, the young man left behind to return to his house and locked himself in his room, after mentioning.

In the following days, Agustín stopped to stay in touch with others and was in a deep depression situation. He was the only member of the social organization that made Bariloche's claims of abuse and was invited to participate in another march, in which case it was false. However, this isolated gesture was not sunk on the teenager and was immersed in a dark spiral.


Agustina's mother, Silvina Castañeda, said she was always involved with her teachers, students and women, "a boy fighter, women who fought for women's rights".

That's why he went on to work, and there he found the name they shouted.

"It was a rumor, he took him home, he was desperate, he told me what was happening to him, when we went to look for the publication, I contacted a girl, he thought again, he fell in love with him, thanked him for forgiveness, , described the woman.

According to Agustin's parents' story, the girl admitted that she was a punishment for her friend after a typical fight between adolescents. The girl, therefore, wrote some messages on the net, because Agustin was being abused. And the complaint was immediately raped.

"Today, a girl is arrested because my son is angry at Instagram and now he does not know how to stop the ball," said Agustin mother. "That's why playing is terribly ridiculous, rape, abuse and insults. It's fun to make fun of the victims, and for those who work for so many of us, I do not know how you paid for my son's friendship! It's not enough to apologize."

The fake report spread like wildfire, and then the young girl stopped, but it was too late. "It was anger and rage", a girl posted on Instagram. But, at the same time, Augustine entered into the pit of depression, without eating, without eating.

"People will take the slave as a public example, but apologies are not viral in the same way"

Silvina Castañeda Agustin's mother

"We know the list of scary guys, but something that is very dangerous and imbalanced with playing less than or less than the young man – mother wrote, Silvina – but there must be a limit in that, you can not take any boys for this kind of case, they are equally corrupting, It's not healthy, it's not a whole tool to complete adults. "

In her networks, Silvin spoke with a girl and received a public apology from the girl.

"It was time of anger and anger," the young woman wrote with her own account and was no longer active in order to correct her complaint. "I did not know how limited it was to see it." Likewise, when he sent "defamation" and "the final message, when he was confident, he asked for a pardon, you learned from mistakes and you sent me," he concluded.

"We have had great love with him and I think the reason why he pardoned everything he was asking for," said Silvina, saying, because Agustin was apologizing for "because they loved him a lot". However, the complaint kept going viral and his son was depressed. "He was very bad in bed, he did not want to eat," said the mother.

"People come as a public example as an example, an exemplary, exemplary punishment, but excuses are not the same way of doing virals. Nobody shut, no one was sorry, they will always be in trouble for the boys, but adults have been destroyed by the children They must spend their time at home, "she added.

In the end, Agustin's parents published a video before the children, who blamed adults who did not take the necessary measures to verify the information.

"They are attacking a person who has made a mistake today, December 30. I seek only to create consciousness, I do not hate a man. My son forgives and that is very important. Stop attacking the girl, her family has suffered tremendously," he emphasized Agustin loves

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