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ACV: We know how many symptoms, treatments and serious actions are being put forward

For each one 100-year-old Argentina in 100 they live together Blow up (CVA), according to the results of the first Latin American study, analyzes the prevalence and death of the country's disease and presented by the Institute FLENI. Data will improve education, prevention and treatment.

Fleni made a massive survey of Argentine housing in the ACV. "Surveys give us the first time Accurate information about Argentina and LCA. This information will be useful to improve the stroke of education, prevention and treatment, and to establish appropriate health policies in our country, "said Professor Sebastian Ameriso, head of the Center for Vascular Neurology.

The SIFHON study was conducted in 13 countries.
The SIFHON study was conducted in 13 countries.

General results

One of the most important data of the study, 95% of the respondents said, was known about cerebrovascular disease. Half of them said that their information comes from in the media and in social networks.

The results indicate that close 80% identify the cerebrovascular disease of the term "ACV"."Iktus", "ischemia" or "cerebral attack", in recent years, the recognition of the terms used by the science of science neuroscience is very small.

"60% of the answers are considered as cerebrovascular disease"frequently& # 39; And 70% say, & # 39; may cause disability and death. Thanks to these data, it is very good to know the population's pathology, About 30% were potentially serious uncertaintiesSaid Dr. Daiana Dossi, neurologist and fluengeal neurologist Fleni.

Confirmation of symptoms, treatments and actions in response to emergencies

Regarding typical identification of the symptoms of the trace, more than 70% of the respondents know about it Loss of speech, sensitivity, strength and vision pass as a cerebrovascular indicator. Although the presence of neurological symptoms may be an emergency, 4 people surveyed 4 people, the majority of the population should not use an emergency system to go to an area hospital. "52% would go to a medical center on their own path If you have weakness in the extremities, if you have bites on one side of the body, difficulties with hearing an eye or a sudden loss, "said Dr. Sebastian Ameriso.

The first hours are essential for the treatment of the patient and for their treatment according to the results of the study A third of the answers do not know that LCA has a specific treatment. "Before approaching the LCA, the recovery opportunities increased by 50%," said Ameriso.

Stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar to prevent cerebrovascular disease: 70% of the respondents identified High blood pressure and high cholesterol the main risk factors. However, 45% did not consider consumption drugs the reason for the route

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