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Adriana Varela asserted that Juan Darthés was a couple: "The thing was wrong"


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December 17, 2017

The Tango performer showed up with the actress Thelma Fardin. "I do not recognize a bit"She told me that she had singed the artist.

Singer Adriana "Cat"Varela "I have to say" was invited to the program Luis Novaresio and confirmed a couple of years ago, Juan Darthés.

Last Sunday, the cast of the actress, Thelma Fardín At the age of 16, he was raised about a suspected breach. In this context, a number of women-related Argentinian Collegial Groups appeared in the study.

Policies released Thelma Fardin's hand: "Nobody called me"

In this context, Varela He presented himself as an old couple Darthés They said they were together and the relationship between them was "not well overdue".

"Have you ever met with Darthés?"He asked NOVARESIO. "Yes, I sing with him," he replied Varela. The driver, who had already been aware of it, but did not know anything, went further: "Was not she a girlfriend?"At that moment, the tango singer revealed relations:"Yes, I was his partner. Twenty years ago I met. But hey, it was definitely wrong. And I did not see anymore".

At that time the journalist wanted to know that "La Gata" was a violent relationship Darthés, but the artist preferred to leave the subject and was asked questions.

Thelma Fardín: "This is not against men"

"It does not matter It is also a story about me. 50% and 50% are linked.. That's why I did not throw it away now. It's another case (as regards Fardin's complaint). When I see it, I do not see the same person. It's been a long time. It does not mean that it does not remember. I remember all the facts. But I was very young. I do not know very little now. I did not know it was the same person. Not physically Although there is a characteristic model"He finished

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