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Aerolíneas Argentinas: The Nervous War on Monday before the stop – 23/11/2013


Nervion war is part of the conflict between the Aerolineas Argentinas and the aeronautics guild guild. The guilds that call this strike on Monday Someone wants to step on brakes: o Air companies, or at least someone in the government. By means of a communication, the Government will mandate obligatory conciliation. "The company is not asking for mandatory commitments, neither the production and the labor ministers," said the unionist, with a lie.

The airline's response was delayed a few hours: at noon, rather than reconciliation, the company announced that it had canceled all flights on Monday. And he called the guilds: "They did not specify how long the strike will be".

In the Airline Pilots Association (APLA) Luis Malvido Airlines president understands, He wanted to be a conversation opportunity To force the pause and show the situation to the people in charge. "They have stopped us from this break, without a doubt. If they do not want to push them, they will not send them a telegram of suspension or they will not pay a fee, in the middle of the joint debate," they say.

Within the airlines they certify that there are no double intentions the decision to seek reconciliation. "We are in a real situation of collapse: weighing has been discounted, fuel has increased, the price of the price has dropped due to price hunger and we had to make a return for more than $ 100 million from a government deficit that is zero. Guilds do not understand what is happening" said the company's spokesman.

In this victimization game of both parties, the suspicions that are usually cooked in another trench are also hunched. "If airlines are based on theory "Better happy"No one can resist the rising conflict, as the forecast of the election campaign. But be careful, Pablo Biró is not (Roberto) Baradel. It is not easy to link to Kirchnerism, "added the APLA spokeswoman.

Specifically, the five guilds that call this strike on Monday are the only ones identified by Kirchner, the Aeronautics Persona Association (APA). They are made up of land crew. He owns Edgardo Llano, Hugo Yasky's CTA and Cristina Kirchner's politics. One of his allies, Ricardo Cirielli, was the official of Néstor Kirchner, but later he denounced his boss Ricardo Jaime and La Cámpora Aerolíneas policy. His last public ally was Luis Barrionuevo CGT Blue and White, but he was also the person who arrived with Cirielli Hugo Moyano when he was one of the first to help the truck driver with the official CGT (for the first time). In the 90s

Pablo Biró, APLA, won Moya in October in Luján. Rubén Fernández (UPSA) also admits Moyano, and is one of only six unions that were not held on Monday: the Argentine Aeronavegantes Association (AAA), the owner of Juan Pablo Brey, works with Facundo Moyano and the Argentine Transport Confederation ("CATT") It integrates a small one, on Tuesday they called her strike: in this case, protest at the G20.

It's true that Airlines do not show up enthusiastically for the conflict, with the guilds again. They say they're going to be tough, because they make money. "Malicious was not trading a dog's faceHe just simply took devaluation. The airport president should be like Isela Costantini, when there were funds to raise funds. Now these funds have ended. "

But it also slipped with some irony. "It is possible that unions have called for obligatory reconciliation, in terms of their internal situation, in this activity it is very easy to stop the company, but another is having a good level of adherence."

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