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AFA analyzes VAR Superliga: "We have an economic capacity"

The president of the AFA, Claudio "Chiqui" Tapia, said "VAR economic capacity for the next season".

"We have the economic capacity to develop VAR over the next season," said 51-year-old leaders, who praised the use of the system: "I think I am one of them VAR is OK if it is used to correct errors, always bearing in mind that the protagonist must be along with the players ".

In a note on the AFA portal, Tapia has stressed that the balance of what he has done so far is "positive" and recalled the decision taken in March 2017 on "approval of two balances".

In the end, Chiqui has rescued AFA today It has a "positive balance of 93 million pesos"something that had not happened for a long time.

In what situations is VAR used?

goals: Whether the goal was to determine whether it was missing or not, whether to have an advanced position or not to let the ball go to the court.

criminal: Determined in the criminal area there was a breach.

Red card: It will only work for straight reds. VAR will ask whether it is missing or not.

Confusion of personality: They are based on technology to find out who has been the protagonist of some of the players and controversial actions.

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