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After 14 years, the 20 Argentine interpol was lowered in Argentina – 12/01/2019

At the age of 14, seeking the murder of a Peronist militant. Interpol was among those who arrived at Art 20 and allegedly left the country. In the end, the police found Paraguay, where he lived part of his family.

About this Marcelo David Sanabria (33), was arrested on Saturday in the Campo Grande neighborhood of Asunción When the homicide was robbed 66-year-old man Esteban Echeverría in Buenos Aires.

Marcelo David Sanabria (33)

Marcelo David Sanabria (33)

At the end of 2016, Interpol He joined the list of 20 most people from South America in the list. He always suspected that he fled to Paraguay, where he lived part of the family. He used the name Héctor Fernández He worked as a basilic, According to media in Paraguay.

Sanabria died at the age of 19 Rodolfo Manuel Guillán (66), the Peronist militants – for being in constant denouncement against the judiciary against the southern court of conciliation – died in the neighboring district on November 28, 2004 Jagüel, Esteban Echeverría party.

Guillán's body appeared in his room, covered with an outfit. I had it Add an adhesive tape to your mouth and pillow. The house lacked money, appliances and weapons.

The suspects immediately informed the girl that Guillán had met a few days ago and then the researchers added two young men. "At that time we arrested the little one, It is used as a decoy to attract the victim. And another young man was sued in the cell that was arrested, but Sanabria escaped before, "he said bugle A source of research at that time.

Now, the judge of Bermuda's Paraguayan criminal judge, Sanabria, has to be handed over to the Argentinean San Justicia.

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