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After 30 years, celebrate AIDS Day «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata»

On December 1 is celebrated the 30th anniversary of the celebration of AIDS Day. UN-AIDS has made a world-wide worldwide proposal to invite you to "test your status", inviting all people to test HIV.

Nearly 37 million people lived in HIV in 2017 with HIV, 1.8 million people were infected in that year and 940,000 were killed. The motto of this motto, according to the World Health Organization, has long been recognized as a global prevention strategy called "90-90-90", originally taught by Professor Julio Montaner for the 2020 period:
90% of people living with HIV know about HIV
In relation to HIV
90% of people diagnosed with HIV receive antiviral therapy
he continued.
– 90% of people receiving antiviral therapy eliminate viruses.

In order to emphasize the importance of treatment as a preventive measure, new research indicates that the treatment of patients or their homosexuals is treated as literally "zero" in the treatment and treatment of patients in the liver. But to treat patients and not detect their virus, you must first diagnose them (Strategy 90).

In Argentina, 122,000 people suffer from HIV, but only 70% know it; That's why the slogan "know your situation" is very appropriate in our country and in our city.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to testing HIV. Stigma and discrimination continue to be and they do not help people to test themselves, when patients suffer from symptoms of the disease (they diagnose their illnesses too late), and, unfortunately, others have been infected; In our city, the percentage of the late patients reaches 30%.

HIV testing programs need to be expanded and all sexually active persons must be tested for HIV in the same way that they control cholesterol or blood glucose; but not the alarm, most of them
These tests would be negative (99.6%), because in our country the prevalence of HIV is low and positive, the treatment will be very simple, clinically asymptomatic and not infect other.

Unfortunately, we should not forget that the utility availability of consciousness has recently been questioned, and that is why we must respond again and again "condoms are very useful for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV." In addition, in another order, the use of prophylactics is a measure of proven effectiveness in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

In terms of prevention, new data has been published in the prevention of antiviral use by people infected with Preventive Prophylaxis or "PrEP", and its purpose is that if a person with HIV infection does not infect a daily HIV infection with HIV infection, This strategy has been very helpful in some high-risk groups of infection; We have not implemented yet
it means

With regards to the treatment of people infected with HIV, it is increasingly effective, with fewer side effects and many of them in a single pill.

Finally, the definitive control of an infectious disease is obtained through the vaccine as it occurs with the vaccine and other infectious diseases; Although several studies are underway, a vaccine against HIV is not expected in the near future.

The HIV infection was a "viral and non-moral disease"; and therefore basic medical regulations, such as early diagnosis (known status), access to treatments, and preventative measures for community education.

(*) Former Municipal Secretary of Health.

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