Monday , June 21 2021

After a few days after the end of the campaign, children are encouraged to vaccinate

On the daytime, at the end of the national campaign to control Measles and Rubella 2018, the Ministry of Public Health continues to recommend parents and families to take children between 13 months and 4 years. This vaccine that protects against these diseases. It is free, it does not require medical care and is available in all the health centers of the province.

It is targeted by boys and girls aged 13 to 4, although they can already be included. The importance of this additional dose of vaccine is to improve the number of people with illness and reduce the number of people with illness.

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The campaign's follow-up is carried out every four years and reduces the number of people who add up year after year, on the one hand, from non-regular program vaccinations, and, on the other hand, it is estimated that until the 10th of those who have incurred poor time develops no protection against these illnesses.

According to data from the Osakidetza Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), from the beginning of the year and until October 23, 8,091 cases of illnesses were confirmed, including 85 deaths, led by Venezuelan 11 Americas. (5,525 cases, including 73 deaths), Brazil (2,192 cases, including 12 deaths) and the United States (142 cases). In Argentina, 14 cases have been registered.

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