Thursday , October 21 2021

After a supermarket cart touching a wonderful childhood infection


A Australian woman has lost almost 13 months of childbirth for serious contractions in the supermarket.

A section that occurred in Australian Queensland, which lost nearly 13 months of childhood because of serious cartilage infections. Supermarket He touched the cart and then put his hand in his mouth.

Small Logan contracted adenovirus, rhovirus and salmonella in the cartridge networks supermarket Here's her mother Vivienne Wardrop.

His mother said: "I did not go there one week, so the doctors told me that the only place I could hire was that."

The next day they went supermarket The woman noticed that Logan was ill. The baby fever, diarrhea, was there and shouted, saying to the doctor that he needed rest and fluid.

His son's condition was not changed and he was taken to Logan in the hospital, where he was accepted as an emergency. After several blood tests and severe dehydration, after losing 10 percent of body mass within three days, the small Logan was recovered and discharged.

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