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After leaving "Kabito", Matías Martin will be the last day "Basta de todo" next year – 11/29/2014


Follow the novel Everything is enough (Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Metro 95.1). Now, in the middle of a criticism, he made his partner Eduardo former cabito Massa Alcántara, driver, Matías Martin, The next year will be the last of the program.

"I wanted to say something," Matías said, the cycle has been for 18 years.

Martin and Cabito's broken friendship.

Martin and Cabito's broken friendship.

"I take care of a lot of boxes. I have never been worried about their situation (they have been deprived of gastric weight of 180 kg in 84 months in 7 months). There are tests. There are WhatsApp conversations, you can get your interviews with my doctor. " he added.

Afterwards, Kabito's departure point was confirmed by his program. "Changes are not responding to personal problems, but rather to art questions. And they came face to face. "

Martin rage With no relation to the Catalan, he did not say hello to his listeners However, But he wrote an article on Instagram and spoke Pamela in the afternoon (America, Monday through Friday, at 3:30 p.m.).

"Choosing an Instagram post and understanding TV shows is difficult for me", follow Matías.

"There is no fight here, it never was … That's too painful for me," he admitted.

"I thought about completing this year's program next month … It's the end Enough& # 39; They all said to their eyes. But I repaired it in a different way and I reinvented the program. This closure can be a fuel that confronts another program. "

And he concluded: "Maybe it's 2019 last year Everything is enoughmy darling However ….

Kabito spoke of the "Basta de todo" after the capture.

Kabito spoke of the "Basta de todo" after the capture.

Monday began the novel. Martin gave a story that surprised all the audience: Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcántara's interruption.

"Kabito will not move forward … I'm going to be a painful decision for the program, team and team driver," announced Matías, and did not give a detailed explanation of the departure of the participants, as the program needed a change and "specific problems I felt them. "

See this message on Instagram

I found goodbye to say goodbye. On Monday I made the program in the air and I would prefer it to be with my followers or those who want to read. First and foremost, my gratitude, eternal dear audience, paying my salary and fascinated by all souls, how each picture, how many opinions or difficult moments change. It was my everyday engine, my reason and the vital passion of the environment. I can not help but thanks to the messages of love, respect, and solidarity that I received these two days (friends, other radio programs, their drivers, rrhh, commerce, customers and sponsors, friends and soldiers, were silent listeners). Each one of these answers, folded in the stroke. It is a very painful situation for me, I have left my job for more than 15 years and over 18 years. He gave me a lot of work and that's why I spent a lot. But that's the job. It's not a wedding nor a friend's club. And when you're working or functional when you're up and down, you'll be taken away. And that's fine. I am happy, I did not laugh so much this year, it was a very complicated year for me, I started with the death of my grandmother (woman raised me), after 8 years after my separation. I notice my humor noticeably and my work is hurt. Imagine the situation of a bank manager, it does not matter what happens in your home, it is the work it x was doing, and this too. Some months ago I also informed that at the end of the year my participation in the program had ended, that my humor changed. It ended at the end of the year at the end of November and asked me to end the party on Friday. That's why I did not jump on stage and dance with the program team, they were celebrating and my hands were empty in my heart, I thought I did not celebrate anything. continue …

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After thanking his listeners for help, Cabito said in his Instagram: "My situation is worse, I've been given a job that I loved for more than 15 years and over 18 years. I also gave it a lot." And then the reasons for the exit slide: "But that's a job, it's not a wedding, it's not a club of friends, and when you're working or functional, you're a part of it and you're going to retire, and it's good that it's" .

He also apologized "how dull" he was last time for his health problems and his recent separation.

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