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After polemic, he could not write, the athlete wore the elegant dress of Jennifer Dahlg's G20 party – 12/01/2014


The G20 Gala's team at Teatro Colon, on Friday night, had luxurious guests but had a presence Jennifer DahlgrenIn Argentina, the Argentinian Olympic medal shot was particularly special.

The athlete recently denounced publicly I did not get her sized dress to see the party and its claim, seeing the constant problem of a large population sector. It was viral.

finally, Santiago ArtemisRecognized as the star pop designer, she offers her dress. And Dahlgren could enjoy it. Intense red, naked arm and long on the floorDahlgren's "Artemis original" was much more difficult or difficult than a competition at that time. In a photo session in front of the colon, The athletes at the age of 34 showed their pride.

On November 8, he left his social networks, for his discrimination in buying clothes. "My 120-100-115 are out of bounds again. And I frustrated everything in my car weeping, "he posted on Twitter, showing his anguish.

The message was repeated through the network, the media echoed and the designer Santiago Artemis offered his public support: "I saw you, the treasure!" He wrote his Twitter reply.

On Sunday, Dahlgren took part in the Mirtha Legrand program, where he said that the problem was not deeply dealt with: "We have distorted the perception of a body that is acceptable. A girl went to the pool and left my shirt unsafe. "He also said on Instagram:" I think they have more than one thing, This happens to me and I feel it back to zero".

In other tweets, the athlete means living without choosing to dress. "I do not remember when I was looking at the stained glasses in my life, I fell in love with the dress I saw on the table. I never learned to get in"A waterfall on the media overwhelmed the Internet, and Dahlgren thanked everyone who shared the claim.

Artemis, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and a designer of costumes like Lali Esposito in Argentina were a positive attitude towards the story. Nothing makes a phrase of the head of this youngster "shamelessly".

Santiago Artemis, fashion designer.

Santiago Artemis, fashion designer.

Dahlgren, also an Inadi ambassador and describes his networks as a "positive body and anti-bullying", has given 20 thousand followers to many people, and it is illegal: the Brand Clothing is not in compliance with the laws of the measures.

A few days later, he had a meeting about Inadirio to face the problems, as years of conflicts arise, there are few brands of clothing that respect the laws of every kind of body and the current possibilities.

Even though the anecdotes are happy, the athlete has indicated that the problem is much deeper and predictable, that he will continue to struggle to demonstrate this act of discrimination.

In the country Size 12 current laws, but they do not guarantee that companies can wear clothes according to the body text.

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