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After repression, a new "Verdurazo" in May Square

The Terrestrial Workers Union (UTT) called the new "Verdurazo" in the Plaza de MayoThe ups and downs of the Constitutional Plaza ten days later. They reached 16 and 16 years old 25 thousand kilos of vegetables were taken out of three trucks. Nahuel Levaggi, Associate leader certified NEWS It was a massive appearance of those who organized it.

"First of all He replied to the repression of February 15. The motto is: I have chosen enough stick, lettuce. I believe that it has been felt in society and, therefore, today's support. In the background, we are here in the situation of regional economies, in the case of small producers, because it is very critical, specifically because we do not export, "he said. NEWS.

He added, too There were no problems with the police at this time. He warned, in general, that there were no other "verdict" in the conflict except in the Plaza Constitution. "Everything goes well, we arrived quickly with the help of the Plaza de Mayo and we wanted to organize everything so we could stop the traffic too much."

The social and neighborhood organizations, unions and people were created to seek internal ranges. They think that the exhibition will end at 7pm.

In the end, Levaggi stood out: "We are worried about the paths of dialogue we had in one point (in 2016), which were already being eroded last year And we do not have many interview channels with the ministry of agriculture, which should be our policy. This is: There was no politics, now there is no interview ". Meanwhile, he made sure They will create measures and proposals to support the sector.

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