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After the repression, the new "Verdurazo" Plaza de Mayo | chronicle

Terrestrial Workers' Union (UTT) is now 16 years old "Verdurazo" In the May Square, for the improvement of minor producers of the third belt of the conurbation in Buenos Aires, the two days after the activity lasted two days after the event occurred in the constitution.

According to UTT, it will protest "Quiet" 5,000 small producers will mobilize them together with organizations that can request it from the Government. In addition, the UTT will provide 20,000 pounds of fresh vegetables "Fight for hunger". "The only way of fighting is work, not with police repression." Considering the entity, when calculating it "It will be a historic vegetable."

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Great expectation of "Verdurazo".

"It's been two weeks for lettuce, eggplant, sticks, gases and bullets for all the media to be unacceptable. All this is necessary to deal with appetite … UTT, eggplant, lettuce, food was chosen, the government chose police repression, sticks, gases and bullets never We do not even say: 27F will be a peaceful example of agricultural farming, which produces food for the public and becomes invisible to government policies. " I stated Nahuel Levaggi, National Secretary of UTT.

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As far as the UTT producers are concerned, the Access Law for the Territory stands out (a "INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS" PROCREAR RURAL without the progress of the United Nations "), Public purchases made in the family family of the family, rural gender equality policies, Social Security Monetribute renewal, abolished in August 2018 and economic and technical support for organic farming transition.

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