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After the trio, Lionel Messi broke a new record and is not exalted – 12/16/2014


Some analysts will confirm by well-known proverb Lionel Messi from "as a good wine"Because"It's better for years"In fact, the Argentinian is becoming increasingly dominant in the Spanish League, the victory of Barcelona against Levante, du second hand Barsa was the most successful in the history.

Last Sunday he got another three times, over a year, more than 50 goals. And keep demolishing statistics. He won 323 in 432 league matches, Xavi won and played 505 games. It is also a way to overcome this area. Xavi is one of the biggest winners of the Spanish club (476) and Messi is 463, and Iker Casillas won Real Madrid.

Yesterday with three goals In Barcelona he hat hat-trick (31 League) and was one of Cristiano Ronaldo's most popular players in the history of soccer players. His career has been 49, made up of 6 teams.

Messi passed the numbers. In the season, 20, 14 Spanish championships and 6 Champions League. It is the main goalscorer of La Liga, two more than Luis Suárez. And also It is located at the top of 5 European highways, Emiliano Sala (Nantes), Kylian Mbappé (PSG), Nicolas Pépé (Lille) and Krzystof Piatek (Genoa), 12. He has scored 50 goals in the year (46 in Barcelona and 4 in the National Team).

For the fifth consecutive year, this fence passed, with only 45 points in 2013. The best of 2012 was with 91 echoes, it was ranked 54th in last year. More goals may also be achieved in the last season of 2018 after playing against Celta Vigo next week.

With three goals against Levante, Messi has played 572 656 matches with Barcelona, ​​with an average of 0.87. He is the second player with the most goals of the same team. Who is it first? Pele was made in Santos 643. He has to cite 71 to reach him. With the average last year, in September 2020 Rosarino would receive a new record.

Sport cover. (Twitter)

Sport cover. (Twitter)

Messi also scares and worries. When he scored three goals, Barcelona won 4-0, kicked the knuckle that broke the autumn on October 20 and from there it had surgery. Despite Leo's gestures, the Valverde technician has not decided to replace him.

In order to complete the participation of the numbers, Messi also gave two support. It has taken place for the third time in the 656 meetings of the Catalan club.

"It seems easy, but it has not been," said coach Valverde after winning. Later, he does not know how to judge Argentina's crack. "I do not know how to qualify for Messi, it is the most repetitive question. It is the player who plays and the goal that gets us", he said.

Mundo Deportivo's cover. (Twitter)

Mundo Deportivo's cover. (Twitter)

"INMESSING! D10S exhibition with three goals and two supports"The Catalan newspaper, Sport, was called to measure the achievement of the Argentinian".Messi makes all the tactical drawings", Mundo Deportivo was analyzed, an increasingly difficult catalog.

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