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AIDS poster competition with the registration of the participants


Some laws came to somewhat nervous. It was warm in the morning and cheers were getting warmer. There was no less: They received an award from the civil servants and the whole governor Laura Montero.

They were primary, secondary, and older students About HIVWhat did they do at school?

About this Poster Competition for HIV / AIDS Prevention Provinces What is The edition has been running for 20 years. As an annual anniversary framework, it has achieved a record of participation, almost virtually quadruple projects.

They add on average With 200 projects a year, there were 746 of 151 schools. Thereafter, proud winners were created.

The first category (youngest) is the students of the 4th and 2nd year of Mahipú. In the second category, the first place was Tupungato School 4-122, Italian, Republic.

The first cycle consists of the seventh student of Primary Education in Primary and Secondary Education Secondary Education and CEBJA. On the other hand, third, fourth and fifth year students Secondary Education and Censorship.

Students of 1st and 2nd year of Maipu School play withSaying the YouTube logo: "I was safe sex" with a condom icon. "It happened to us because the Internet is a popular user," said Agustina Quispe (14), one of the winners.

They had to study, but they made it easier for teachers to explain Comprehensive sex education (ESI), artistic practices and plastic arts.

"First of all, we gave lessons to myths and prejudices, and then we went on the sign up," said Julieta Yazlli, sociologist and teacher at ESIn. This year, together with the first category, they have received two citations in the second category.

Each winner will receive an order Purchase of $ 3,000 and $ 3,500 to set it up. The second prize is a payment request $ 2,000 for each student and $ 2,500 for school.

Your interests

Living room in the living room Legislative Lost Missions The prizes were distributed and a poster sample of the previous editions was also made.

In most works, reference is made to prevention through the use of condoms. Children use their own language and codes. Every moment they reflect a part of their reality and they are linked to the technological universe in this plane, in the latest editions of social networks and games from your day to day.

"We have made the Super Mario poster of the game, a walk through a condom bridge, which allows you to cross and get to the castle and prevent it"explained Facundo Ramos, one of the winners of the second category.

Cristina García, Lecturer in Language and Literature, The coordinator of the Work, stressed that "sometimes it is a way of showing them that they do not think". He also stressed the use of condoms because it is the closest and most popular.

Provincial program and prevention

This year it organizes a contest that organizes 20 editions The AIDS Program, together with the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports, the Department of Health Education and the Directorate General of SchoolsThe purpose of the proposal is to develop cartels about HIV prevention messages to raise awareness about their members.

The invitation spreads to public and private institutions and receives education for people with disabilities. The 16 departments participated in the first category, from 374 posters to 91 establishments; In the second, there were 372 60 schools.

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