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Airlines demand negotiation of the guild – 11/11/2013

Aerolineas Argentinas called on trade unions on Monday, on Monday they were unemployed and on Tuesday they transported a strike New agreement and requirements for improving company competitiveness.

Business formally cited Pilot Unions (APLA and UALA) and the Air Navigation Association (AAA), as well as the Aeronautics Association (APA), APTA technicians and the UPSA staff. It is the intention of the company The negotiation round started this week With these groupings, the airline said.

"The company has confirmed its intention to interview with its employees He has stressed several timesAlthough provisional measures are taken by the trade unions hit hard The most important value of the airlines passenger confidence ", he gave Airlines.

The guilds, however, maintain that the company did not want to call the interview on the Monday and suspended flights directly. The unions would never come to a compulsory call for reconciliation.

The collective agreement signed for the end of 2017 will expire on September 30. Unions have to take into account inflation of 6.5% in September in a joint venture, while ensuring that the company goes through the next trading, after one month of the INDEC data. "It is imperative that the dialogues that began with emergencies were unilaterated later," the company said.

"On the other hand, in August last August, six companies mentioned how to talk about business agreements in the same competition as the airlines that affect the region. The vocation of the company is a renewed debate, "he added.

According to Aerolíneas, measures on November 8 and after Tuesday, 85,000 passengers could not fly. "The last measure of strength is currently affecting another 5,600 passengers, with 47 abolition flights."

In the last three years, Airlines added 8 more aircraft to the fleet, now with 82 aircraft. It developed 18 new avenues, most of which linked the interior country they did not travel through Buenos Aires; it has obtained records of timeliness and user satisfaction; and the passenger continued to rise by 20%.

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