Thursday , July 7 2022

Airlines: Dietrich threatened "bailout" and the blame for the workers


In the same tone Mauricio MacriHe absorbed it again Marcos Peña, Minister of Transport, Guillermo DietrichOne threat "Bilge" Aerolineas Argentinas employees do not stop conflicts in order to raise corporate wage inflation and "productivity"., and they were also blamed for the company's problems.

The aeronautics personnel had a total unemployment rate of 300 airline employees whose total number of 300 Airlines was canceled, "Guillo" Dietrich warned that the green light could be an "online" exemption if workers do not end the conflict and discuss themselves within the Government, and aeronautics unions think They have it "Pathetic Attitudes".

"In the last three years, the company has 18 more routes and eight more aircraft than in 2015. In addition, the punctuality record", argued that the purpose of Macrism is not to make bankruptcy or privatization in a more damaging way.

In this regard, when official Cambiemos discussed the "productivity" of the employees when the company did not meet an agreement and launched a severe threat: "But we have to work together, together with the trade unions, in a more productive way, not to throw away people. If we do not answer, we will come to the company without any help".

"The company's reduction, for example, is that there are two flights that we were returning next year, because it is very difficult to compete in international flights … You fly to Italy and you compete Alitalia, if Alitalia sleeps tonight here in Buenos Aires and the air rider sleeps three nights Has it in Rome, such a competition is very difficult "Dietrich started as an argument.

In the interview with Radio Miter, he explained that the Government had no compulsory reconciliation because "it's been a while since it's over and it's a problem," and he thinks new companies do not want to be part of these unions, because they know they're part of the problem. "

Dietrich told Macri that "trade unions could have harmed," but "today's commitment to the Government is the objective information committed to the air sector and especially to Airlines." For this reason, the adjustment threatened more: "In view of this, it is unacceptable that airlines continue to receive silver silver from Argentina".

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