Monday , October 25 2021

Al Ain Reversal Bulletin: loose and over-trusted middle-level courts?


It was an unexpected blow River, who was looking forward Club Mundua in front Real Madrid: Fell 5-4 Al Ain local crimes and the dream disappeared. After winning 2-2 Stumble, he has shown the low level of individuality of the American champion, especially halfway, and even too much confidence.

Franco Armani (4): Although the Copa Libertadores Cup of Boca Bronze sent the corner, the goalkeeper level, with a high 2018 figure, goes down and the Arab Emirates maintains a slow tuning. Loose answer in 0-1 (the ball passed between the legs), in the second, despite the good Caio action, the first ball inserted into the stick. He had two good interventions, one reflex, one at a time, but it was not a strong start. Penalties closed three times.

Gonzalo Montiel (3): one of the weakest groups, but the weakest. Following him, Al Ain created the most dangerous action. Because he had problems behind him, he did not make the decision to have the projection accuracy.

Jonatan Maidana (4): There was no reference to Al Aín 9 classic. Why is it forced to do it when it is done by offense or by hand it ends manually. They were also fake.

Javier Pinola (3): Maidana below. Caio had a dexterity outside of the comfortable area and failed in his fortress: driving from the bottom. A couple of his mistakes brought the locals to dangerous plays. Berg lost to 0-1. Forget it

Milton Helmet (5): The best defense, will, and attack. Among his attempts, Gonzalo Martínez lost his "factory" penalty.

Ignacio Fernández (4): In the second half he showed against Boca, Juan Román Riquelme's praise. Disability came from the brook.

Leonardo Ponzio (3): another soccer player did not have a semifinal. Very indeterminate, in the middle of the game to avoid control of the time of the match and to make it a roundabout.

Exequiel Palacios (4): He was the star of the first controversial controversy, giving the ball his hands and claiming Al Ain. He did not participate at the level required by River. Together with Fernandez, first represented.

Gonzalo Martínez (4): Without darkness, he sought unwanted desire, even though he did not have the brightest day and, sometimes, he went hand-in-hand. Rafael Santos Borre was a good fan of the second goal of the Millionaires, but he punished the penalty (hit shot).

Rafael Santos Borré (7): The most active asset and, together with Pratoro, the celebrations that took place during the Boca victory. The game played a great deal, as the usual departure of the opponent and without losing the scent of the goal. He scored two goals for the River (one with pure opportunism, the other with good definition).

Lucas Pratto (6): Although he did not achieve it, he helped his presence, although he was motivated by individual imbalance. Looking back or marking, he tried to show video.

Enzo Pérez (4): After entering, River had a good transition, in the middle and the ancient Godoy Cruz's balance started well, and the Núñez set against the counter. In addition to the extra time, the development matches. The crucial penalty in the definition of 12 steps has failed.

Juan Fernando Quintero (5): lime, other sand. At one point, Gallardo's allegations were reported on the grass and not so much over. He tried a couple of times from afar, without any hesitation.

Nicolás de la Cruz (3): The games begin well, but inexorably, it ends with a bad decision. He confused himself with the individual game and was inaccurate. There was little income in the river.

Ignacio Scocco (5): The former Newell returned after a muscle injury and had a clear shot on the edge of the area, but he got a bunch. He attended and tried hard, but did not win the Cup Libertadores champion.

Marcelo Gallardo (4): This time, the changes did not affect, for example, against Boca. De la Cruz who was at least honored with his confidence: gave him his level before giving him the opportunity of DT, he joined him? When Al Ain stopped, River caught 2 minutes missing.

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